Good morning. The wind is rattling the windows in front of me as I type and I am very much over it.

Yesterday was productive in a way I’ve been missing, and today seems like it’ll go the same way. Hopefully. I’d rather not have anything surprising thrown into the mix, you know?

I currently work four days a week, so my weekend starts tomorrow. I also only have to come back to this office one more week! I’m thrilled. I did give my notice in last week. That’s something I forgot to elaborate on yesterday. This job isn’t a good fit for me, and it severely affects my mental health in a very negative way. Here’s hoping I find something new soon.

I finally bit the bullet and bought Animal Crossing New Horizons over my little hiatus. Nearly a year late, but I bought it as soon as I could afford to, and I don’t regret it one bit. I’m obsessed. My island still looks like garbage, but it’s only been two weeks, and I’m obsessed. Although I’m high key annoyed that Mabel hasn’t visited beyond the cut scene yet, and that happened a week ago. Hello? I want clothes, obviously!

Mabel, come here!

PS, liking this article this morning:
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