Ulyana Sergeenko Spring Summer 2015 Couture Collection

After five seasons on the haute couture runway, Ulyana Sergeenko presented her fresh collection in a salon at Le Bristol hotel today. The optics of the problem weren’t so sizzling: Untrained Russian ingenue creates a big, pricey splash filled with an endorsement from unit Natalia Vodianova, only to be forced to downsize a year or two later. Having said that, the one-on-one appointment is probably how Sergeenko, whose style experience is normally in inverse proportion to her ambition, should’ve gotten her company off the ground in the first place. If there’s a glowing place in Russia’s ruble crisis on her behalf, it’s that she’s identified a setup that meets not only her fledgling business but also her aesthetic.
Sergeenko loves to reference particular eras of Russian background. She’s an ambassador not simply for her country also for its traditions, employing upward of 100 persons whose handwork can often be native to the spot. This season, she discussed, she chose Russian neighbors Georgia and Armenia as points of departure. Authentic to create, the embellishments were exquisite, and sometimes mind-numbingly minute. Crisscross stripes on a pale blue gown weren’t printed but embroidered with narrow bands of tulle hand-stitched set up, ironed, and accented at the intersections with very small crystals. Occasionally the fabric of a garment itself was embroidered all over.