Alexis Mabille Fall Winter 2017 Haute Couture Collection

For his hottest haute couture collection, Alexis Mabille imagined how the scent of a woman would look. The multisensory thought gave him wide interpretative inspiration; for as some people smell something and promptly envision a color (one aspect of the phenomenon referred to as synesthesia), he will tell you that this lineup of 20 soirée dresses grouped by color tones represent a closet based on his interest in fragrance notes.
Consider his imaginative pièce de résistance, a blouson blanketed in sculpted gold lamé blossoms, studded with little jewels at their centers; this is his translation of bergamot, tonka, and opoponax-which as a perfume, would itself translate to something glowing and citrusy yet likewise enveloping. The floral scents of geraniums and peonies educated the red creations, including a decidedly dramatic velvet dress with voluminous sleeves lined in layers of pleated organza fading from reddish colored to pink. It offered off quite the bouquet. Whatever you label of the metallic grouping materializing from notes of ginger and verbena, the flounced and tiered lamé bustier costume and brocade coatdress both certified as effervescent.