18 Efficient Tricks to Beat Cravings for Indian Junk Meals

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The hardest thing anyone faces when trying to eat healthy to lose weight is battling intense cravings for junk food. Junk food is really hard to get past, especially in India where it is everywhere and lines the streets on the way home from work. Order apps on your phone that get delicious but unhealthy food on your doorstep with a single swipe. It is difficult to put Pavlovian theory into practice when it comes to junk food because, as mentioned earlier, unhealthy foods are everywhere, no matter where you turn, no matter what you look like. Indulging once a week here and there shouldn't be a problem, but when junk food begins to replace healthy food, your health will take a toll on your daily diet and weight loss will become impossible. Some of us have that sweet tooth that makes us crave sugary delicacies, while some others like high-calorie fried foods with various spices, and their intense taste triggers the pleasure center of the brain, leading to frequent cravings for unhealthy foods. In addition, large numbers of people are turning to junk food as a means of feeling good and relieving stress. How often do we indulge ourselves in stress when we eat such stressful foods since everyone leads a stressful life? It is just not right to blame only a lack of willpower when it comes to junk food. Intense food cravings are a mind game, and the good news is that you can actually control them and train your mind not to crave those foods. Research has shown that food cravings can increase the value of unhealthy foods many times over, and that avoiding them can be a mammoth task. Food cravings are very different from hunger pangs. If you don't want to eat fruit when you have cravings, then you can safely bypass those cravings. Samosas, Pakoras, Bhature, Kachoris, Pani-Puri – how many of us can say “no” to such foods? However, the Indian junk food list is not limited to just these five foods. It also becomes a problem if you eat such foods on a daily basis. In this post, we list 18 effective tips to satisfy your Indian junk food cravings.

Why is junk food addicting?

Processed foods high in calories, sugar, sodium / salt made from refined flour fall under the junk food category. Sweets, candies, chocolates, biscuits, cookies, fast food, sweet drinks, cola, etc., which provide the body with little to no nutritional value, also fall under junk food. Another important aspect that we all forget is that hydrogenated and refined edible oils can also be considered junk food as they cause inflammation in the body.

List of Popular Indian Junk Food:

1. Pani puri.
2. White bread.
3. Puri.
4. Bhature (minus the chole).
5. Pakoras.
6. Samosas / Kachoris.
7. Potato chips.
8. Pav
9. Pizza / burger
10. Bhujia.

18 Effective Tips To Fight Cravings For Indian Junk Food:

1. Out of sight, out of your head: We talked about Pavlov's theory that a stimulus or object can trigger a conditioned response. Likewise, we tend to associate junk food with convenience and taste, and when we drive past those fast food chains that sell junk food, it most likely triggers hunger. Keep junk food out of sight and there are several ways to avoid fast food restaurants selling it. Also, do not buy any processed foods when shopping for groceries. If it wasn't in your eyes, it wouldn't reach your plate.

2. Stop at just a bite or two: Junk food is easy to binge-bree, as they are made with lots of sugar or sodium to cater to the consumer's palate so that they crave more. However, if you eat slowly and take slow bites, the most likely thing to do is to push the plate away after the third bite.

3. Add more protein to your diet: Studies have shown that increasing the amount of protein in your diet can significantly reduce unhealthy food cravings. Here is a list of 17 cheapest sources of protein that can increase weight loss.

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4. Drink more water: the body sends out signals when dehydrated, but we often mistake them for hunger pangs and cravings. Sipping water all day can help keep an eye on junk food cravings.

5. Distract yourself: If you're craving junk food, distract yourself by distracting yourself from reading a good book or taking a short walk. You would find that within 20 minutes the cravings would be gone.

6. Have healthy snacks ready: If you get cravings, choose a healthy snack, such as B. Nuts such as walnuts, almonds, which are high in protein and fiber and curb appetite and cravings.

7. Eat lots of spinach: These leafy green vegetables are high in vitamin A, iron, and many other minerals, and also contain a compound that reduces appetite and cravings.

8. Sleep tight: The fight against cravings does not begin at the beginning of the day, but in the previous night – a good night's sleep helps to lower the hunger hormone "ghrelin" and the stress hormone "cortisol". Both hormones can trigger cravings. That is why it is important to keep them in check with a good night's sleep.

9. Follow the Rati Beauty Diet for the Right Meals: Replace junk food with healthy foods that are just as delicious – find such diet plans to help you lose weight on Rati Beauty diets.

10. Practice mindful eating: Eating mindfully will make you more aware of the food on your plate and the amount of it.

11. Sniff Peppermint: The wonderful scent of peppermint has the ability to suppress appetite and reduce unnecessary cravings. Have a mint tea or find a good peppermint essential oil and sniff some.

12. Ginger Tea: Ginger is a fat burner because it boosts metabolism and increases thermogenesis, so more calories are burned. Ginger is a really great way to keep sugar cravings off.

13. Include Healthy Fats: A handful of nuts greatly reduces cravings for sugary delicacies as they contain healthy fats that also curb appetite. Here is a list of healthy fats to eat on a daily basis.

14. Take a slow bite of the junk food you crave: In most cases, you just want a single bite of the particular junk food you crave. So next time, just take a small bite, chew it slowly, and then you are more likely to throw it in the bin.

15. Find the root cause of your cravings and find a healthy substitute: craving for pizza? Then you are most likely calcium deficient. A strong craving for sugar can be due to a lack of magnesium and chromium. Get tested for nutritional deficiencies so you can better control these cravings.

16. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners activate the reward area of ​​the brain in the same way as refined sugars, triggering food cravings that can be worse.

17. Tap your forehead: Some people say that tapping your forehead for 30 seconds can actually minimize the intensity of a desire. Try it out and tell us if it worked 😛

18. Sniff Jasmine Scent: Some studies have found that the Sniffing Jasmine Scent reduces cravings for sweet things many times over.

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