Zendaya US ELLE December 2020 January 2021

US Elle December 2020 / January 2021: Zendaya by Micaiah Carter

Zendaya just delivered a bold and beautiful InStyle September cover. Zendaya is now following in the footsteps of Blackpink, Cardi B and Kamala Harris and reporting on the December / January issue of ELLE. (But we're always ready to see the Emmy Award-winning actress down at the kiosk.) The current Vogue Hong Kong cover star, designed by Law Roach, wears a pair of Nikes and an eye-catching haute couture creation by Valentino for that Cover picture captured by Micaiah Carter.


Although our forum members are definitely not fans. “Terrible styling and done from your personal dresser? Stand up to reason. That's why ELLE will always be ELLE and never Vogue. The "stylist" probably thought adding the sneakers would make them nervous, but it's just messy, "explained an obviously under-challenged Benn98.

"Another celebrity designed by her personal stylist," scoffed Lola701.

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“As for the cover, she looks pissed off there. I would be too if I were styled like that. But Zendaya dear, since you were styled for this cover by your own stylist, I just have to say: You made your bed, now you are in it, ”added a completely disappointed Ken Doll Jenner.

MON is clearly the same: "Some of the recordings remind me of Tyler Mitchell's questionable aesthetic."

"A dud of cover and wouldn't be angry if Zendaya took a break from the newsstand by 2021. InStyle, Vogue Hong Kong and now ELLE within a few months. This feels like an uncovered event for US ELLE," scolded vogue28.

Check out Zendaya's cover feature and join the conversation here.


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