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In the skin care scene, VT is known for using natural ingredients and formulas backed by dermatological research and development. Like many people, I associate the Korean beauty brand with K-pop sensation BTS, thanks to their longstanding collaboration with the supergroup and their line of extremely cute BT21-wrapped makeup.

Always a sucker for pretty packaging, I was drawn to the flashy cobalt blue and white color scheme of VT's Super Hyalon skincare range. Luckily, I wanted to add moisturizing formulas to my regimen before the dry winters hit my skin with dehydration, so this new line arrived just in time!

VT Super Hyalon skin care line Feature Image Landscape

Main Ingredients: Each skin care product is fortified with different types of plant extracts for specific benefits. However, the main component of the entire Super Hyalon range is G: H8 ™, a patented blend of Gamma-PGA (polyglutamic acid) and eight types of hyaluronic acid, which is said to provide the skin with intensive moisture.

Step 1: foam cleaner

VT Super Hyalon foam cleaner

This gigantic 300 ml cleaner was a godsend for my oily, dehydrated skin. The creamy white paste lathered up slightly and let my skin cleanse thoroughly without leaving any excess sebum or makeup residue, without leaving a tight feeling. The formula also provided gentle exfoliation thanks to its small blue papain capsules, an extract from papaya. The strong, soapy scent calmed my senses, but it may not suit those with sensitive noses.

Step 2: Bubble Sparkling Booster

VT Super Hyalon Bubble Sparkling Booster Texture ShotVT Super Hyalon Bubble Sparkling Booster

The Bubbling Sparkling Booster exfoliates and clogs pores, while additional extracts of blue mallow blossom and aloe vera leaf juice offer soothing benefits. The set contains ten individually wrapped bags. Each packet contained more than enough formula to cover my entire face and neck, with a lot of the rest.

The thick and creamy formula cooled and soothed my skin for a few seconds before the tingling started. Bubbles began to appear within a minute. After five minutes a thin layer of blisters covered my face.

VT Super Hyalon Bubble Sparkling Booster Texture Shot

Aside from being Insta-worthy and fun to watch, this was a great way to deal with my enlarged pores and textured skin, as well as sebum, dirt, and product buildup. I used it once or twice a week and after my third use there were visibly fewer blackheads on my nose and my skin felt smoother. The only caveat is the tingling sensation, which can put off people with sensitive skin.

Step 3: skin enhancers

VT Super Hyalon skin enhancer

Like the cleaner, this toner comes in a large size of 300ml. Although I use it generously and daily, I barely made a dent in the bottle! The clear and watery Skin Booster was ideal for prepping my skin after cleansing and peeling and was quickly absorbed into my skin. It has no recognizable scent.

Step 4: renew the serum

VT Super Hyalon Renew Serum

The serum is neatly packaged in small bags (28 pieces for 28 days), each of which provides exactly the right amount for my skin's daily serum absorption. Aside from the fact that G: H8 ™ is on the ingredients list, the serum is also fortified with panthenol for hydration, lotus flower extract to clarify the complexion and marigold extract to soothe the skin.

The religious application during my nighttime skin care routine has worked wonders for my skin. The clear, watery formula is quickly absorbed and leaves a slightly sticky, but otherwise refreshing finish.

Step 5: ampoule set

VT Super Hyalon Ampoule Set Close Up Texture VT Super Hyalon ampoule set

The Super Hyalon skin care line offers some unique packaging designs, and the ampoule set is definitely one of them! The set comes in a blister pack and contains six cans of highly concentrated ampoules with okra fruit extract added to nourish and moisturize the skin. While the capsule-style packaging is eye-catching, the design has an impact on practicality as it was difficult to get the entire formula out. Fortunately, the ampoule is also available in bottles!

I used it once or twice a week, especially on days when I felt my skin needed extra moisture. The vial added an extra layer over my skin that locks in moisture. With a slightly thicker consistency than the serum, it took much longer for the light blue ampoule to be absorbed by the skin. However, the effectiveness was quick and noticeable as my complexion felt plumper overnight.

Step 6: 7 days mask package

VT Super Hyalon 7 days mask VT Super Hyalon 7 days mask close-up on the face

The pack's seven cotton masks are essentially dripping. Aside from the main ingredients mentioned above, the masks are infused with extracts of soy fermentation, white willow bark, cinnamon, cypress leaf and oregano leaf to soothe and protect the skin.

Although I have come across many sheet masks in resealable storage bags, it was the first time I tried one. The material was soft, light, and easy to untangle. It was the hard part putting it on my face – my main beef with sheet masks always fits! This one is incredibly large and probably one of the worst designs I've ever tried. Fortunately, the mask lived up to its moisturizing promises. After the recommended 10 to 20 minutes, my skin felt plump and hydrated, if a little sticky.

Step 7: eye patch set

VT Super Hyalon eye patch set VT Super Hyalon Eye Patch Set closeup on face

I was instantly intrigued when I saw (G) I-DLE's Soojin wearing this hydrogel eye mask. It's fun and Insta-worthy, but is it good for skin care? The masks are designed to brighten and decapitate the eyes, with additional ingredients like Aquarich to cool down and Matrixyl®300 to revitalize the skin.

Unlike the sheet masks, the eye patches did not essentially leak. In fact, no liquid was visible at all. The fit was good and tight due to the mask's small notches near the eye sockets. The inner hydrogel layer hugged the curves of my face nicely and was incredibly cool, like it had been kept in the refrigerator. This mask is a great way to keep your eyes cool and soothing after staring at a screen all day.

Step 8: cream

VT Super Hyalon CreamVT Super Hyalon Cream close up texture

The face cream contains butylene glycol to smooth the skin structure, cranberry extract for anti-aging care and glycerin for deep, penetrating moisture.

I was thrilled that this cream came in a press pump design. Since I've been using AGATHA's Optimum Cleansing Water, I have loved pump packaging because it is uncomplicated and hygienic. The flat surface is easy to clean and prevents bacteria from getting into the tub.

With just two pumps, enough of the light blue cream with capsule pieces was delivered to supply the skin with moisture. The cooling and moisturizing cream was great for my evening routine, but not so much for the morning as it made my forehead feel greasy.

Step 9: water sun stick

VT Super Hyalon water sun stick VT Super Hyalon Water Sun Stick close up

My experience with this small, portable sun pen was the most surprising of all products. I have oily skin, and sunscreens almost always make my skin sticky or oily by noon. However, this sun stick melted like butter when applied and left a smooth, non-sticky finish even after multiple uses.

Final verdict

I wanted a moisturizing skin care regimen that would be good for my oily skin in the winter, and that is exactly what these great products do. Aside from the pretty packaging, Super Hyalon skin care from VT is incredibly moisturizing. This routine is a winning combination for my oily skin. The outstanding features are the Bubble Sparkling Booster and the Water Sun Stick!

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