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Dry spots are my ultimate winter nightmare. Trying to moisturize my parched skin is like placing a bandage over a serious willow tree. To ward off dry winter skin, preparation is key. This is why I chose KLAVUU's Special Care Face Treatment Oil to integrate into my winter skin care routine.

Although KLAVUU is a well-known brand of K-Beauty for many, I am trying for the first time. KLAVUU is a portmanteau of the Swedish words for clarity and vision, which also embodies the goal of the brand to make a light, clear and healthy complexion achievable.

As a face oil enthusiast I always have a few bottles in my closet. Face oils aren't just for dry skin. All skin types can implement them, especially during the winter months when dryness is a common problem. The beauty of adding facial oil to your routine is that not only does it create a protective film that locks in moisture, but it often also has antiaging benefits.

Special Care Facial Treatment Oil

What is it? A face oil suitable for all skin types, formulated with six types of green quality EEC oils to ensure intense nutrition that is quickly absorbed by the skin.

In detail:

Like most face oils, the Special Care Face Treatment Oil comes in an elegant and reliable dropper bottle. The formula has a light, golden hue and is a nice blend of antioxidants and emollients, including sunflower oil, Korean pearl oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, and olive oil. The texture is thinner and more fluid than expected, but spreads out silky and absorbs immediately, creating a subtle and fresh shimmer.

Face oils generally leave behind a lingering oily scent, no matter how floral or fruity their flavors may initially be. In this case the after-smell was mild, like a mixture of citrus and floral notes. After checking the ingredients, I believe the rosewood oil and grapefruit peel oil created this soothing scent.

My evening experience

The Special Care Face Treatment Oil is currently the penultimate step in my evening skin care routine, after serums, but before the night cream. I use a drop or two, enough to cover both my face and neck, and any excess is applied around my collarbone and shoulders. I prefer to warm the oil with my palms beforehand. This is my usual technique to activate the product and prevent it from being used more than necessary.

I love how pillowy the oil is on my skin – it feels like a warm hug! Sometimes I skipped the night cream step because the face oil felt so nutritious that I feared adding a little too hard.

My day experience

I use face oils sparingly for my morning regimen, limiting myself to less than a full droplet for a soft, glowing finish rather than a fully popped look. At first I was afraid that this oil would reduce the adhesion of my foundation, but surprisingly, my makeup stayed better throughout the day. Usually by lunchtime some of my makeup is already worn out. After working this oil in, my makeup still looked good and fresh at the end of the day.

The judgment

I fell in love with KLAVUU's Special Care Face Treatment Oil as soon as it touched my skin. I've used a lot of face oils, but this one is very special. It is the perfect mix of nourishing and refreshing and super light, without compromising on the effect. Imagine an effortless soft glow in the morning and fall asleep at night with pillow-soft skin!

I recommend the Special Care Face Treatment Oil for people with dry and sensitive skin like me. I've also seen some positive reviews from users with combination skin, which makes sense given the light texture of the oil. This face oil may not be the best for people with oily skin, but half a drop of it can help them deal with dehydrated skin in the winter.

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