Christian Dior Cruise 2021 Advert Marketing campaign

Christian Dior Resort 2021 by Lean Lui

Since Maria Grazia Chiuri took over the helm from Christian Dior in 2016, their advertising campaigns have clearly not impressed. The Fall 2020 campaign was declared a dud on our forums, and the Spring 2020 offer went largely unnoticed. Not even Ruth Bell and Selena Forrest were able to save autumn 2019. Now Dior & # 39; s Cruise 2021 is bringing us to Italy with the models Chai Maximus, Maty Fall, Maryel Uchida, Selena Forrest and Sora Choi, who look adorable in front of Lean Lui's lens.


"Somebody at Dior must have finally woken up and decided to save the brand … I love these pictures," said Ken Doll Jenner.

"I love it and I bet the campaign looks like art in print," said Urban Stylin.

“I can tell from this one picture that this is the best Dior campaign on MGC. Simple but so beautiful. I love the atmosphere, ”Guimon admired.

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Benn98 was also pleasantly surprised by the result. "This is a stunning, best Dior campaign in years!"

“Great line-up and wonderful concept. I have to say this is one of MGC's best campaigns, ”repeated YSL87.

“MGC is producing a decent campaign? Not a simple studio background? I'm really shocked, "added Nomar.

"I might be the only one who thinks this isn't that good, especially for a brand like Dior …" Ed shared.

Mode28 was in the same mood: "The photography here is very overwhelming, the girls feel nothing and I find the picture incredibly flat and lifeless."

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