Candace Owen’s Tweets About Harry Kinds’s Vogue Cowl

Candace Owen's Tweets About Harry Styles's Vogue Cover

Conservative commentator Candace Owens made a comment on Harry Styles & # 39; solo on Twitter Fashion Coverage that challenges gender stereotypes. Styles wears a Gucci dress and skirts throughout the editorial and speaks openly of his love of dressing, paving the way for non-gendered clothing that appeals to everyone. “When you take away 'there are clothes for men and there are clothes for women', you obviously open up the arena to play in, if you start building barriers in your own life, you just limit myself to that . It is so much fun to play with clothes, "said Harry.

Owens' ignorant reaction to Tyler Mitchell's incredible photo series is a clear indication that she is feeling different. "There is no society that can survive without strong men," she wrote, suggesting that Harry isn't "manly" just because he wears clothes that she thinks are feminine. Her tweet sparked outrage from Styles' supportive fans and celebrities. Olivia Wilde, the writer Molly Knight, and Elijah Wood were just some of the people who set the facts out to Owens. Our favorite of these might be wild "You are pathetic".

Exactly zero tweets that we could find contained any kind of validity that Styles is not a strong or "manly" man; In fact, you won't find any of these, even though Owens had her own supporters. In response to her tweet, editor Ben Shapiro wrote, "It is perfectly obvious. Anyone who pretends that there is no referendum on masculinity for men to put on smart clothes is treating you as full-fledged idiots." Elijah Wood's message to Owens best sums up our stance on the matter: "I think you overlooked the definition of what a man is. Masculinity alone does not make a man, in fact it has nothing to do with it."

click on Fashion Enjoying the cover shoot in December 2020, which is certainly long overdue but also led to an important conversation for the LGBTQ + community as many people feel that this spot is more of a transgender POC than a cisgender -Man should have left. While the cover is an attempt to broaden representation, it does not promote someone who identifies as transgender or gendered and could have taken steps to be even more representative.

In the case of what Harry wears, you'll find that he models dresses, pussy-bow blouses, plaid pants, and skirts, all of which don't speak specifically for men or women, but only for Harry's own personal style.


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