Harry Types US Vogue December 2020

US Vogue December 2020: Harry Styles by Tyler Mitchell

Anna Wintour and American Vogue were a topic of conversation in our forums in 2020. Florence Pugh made her magazine debut earlier in the year, global beauties dominated the April issue, a glamorous Gal Gadot covered the May issue, and the title offered symbolic Irving Penn cover in response to the pandemic. The magazine also hired two black artists for September and brought back model queen Naomi Campbell. Now Harry Styles appears on Vogue's December 2020 listing, making it the release's first solo male cover star. The musician wears a Gucci jacket and dress chosen by Camilla Nickerson for the cover photo captured by Vogue regular Tyler Mitchell on the Seven Sisters Cliffs in East Sussex, England.


Vogue's latest version took us by surprise. "This is supposed to be a joke. I didn't see it coming. However, I agree," said MON.

“I really like that very much. Very easy and beautiful, ”Kite estimated.

"That's what I'm here for. Harry isn't someone I find particularly attractive, but I like his music a lot and I'm here for what he stands for. That he doesn't even close an eyelid because he's wearing a dress. In one Women's magazine. Do it, I say. I am surprised and happy that Anna has become so brave! "Wabenkind added.

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But other members of the forum just didn't buy it. “Harry Styles in a dress? Is this supposed to be breakthrough, gender-specific, cross-border coverage? You're welcome! The last nail in Vogue's coffin for me, ”Aracic disapproved.

“His status as a fashion icon is so wrong and manufactured. It's funny that he never dressed like that before his Gucci contract, ”HodanChloe emphasized.

"A cover embarrassment just devastating to believe that this is what we're reducing ourselves to now. And the suits are wondering why the pressure is dying and sales are falling? I refuse to believe this is the answer," said vogue28.

"It's exciting! And unexpected. And that's exactly what coverage should be in 2020", 8eight defended.

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