Indya Moore Vogue Spain November 2020

Vogue España November 2020: Indya Moore by Thomas Whiteside

The fashion industry is finally getting the memo on Indya Moore. In the last three months alone, we've seen American beauty get on the covers of Vogue Italia and Vogue India. Indya was already a firm favorite with Nicolas Ghesquière in Louis Vuitton and is now gracing the latest transgender cover star on Vogue Spain. On the November 2020 cover of the Spanish Fashion Bible, Indya poses in a Bottega Veneta dress, Wing & Weft gloves, Schiaparelli earrings, and a Lizzie Fortunato bracelet (all courtesy of Ian Bradley) for the Thomas Whiteside picture.


The members of our forums were divided over the outcome. “It's so nice in many ways. I love it when they finally get the recognition they really deserve in the fashion world, ”said Slayage.

"Amazing coverage!" applauded versustito.

"I prefer this to Vogue India and Vogue Italia covers. Despite the color and use of the gloves, I find this to be a pretty impressive cover that I'm sure will get noticed at kiosks." Indya's expressions are very drab, but Thomas Whiteside did them justice here! "announced fashion28.

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“Thomas Whiteside did a great job for Vogue Spain, but it doesn't do it for me. Too angular, it's almost distracting. Terrible styling. Happy for Indya, this is really her moment! I wish I had liked the cover better, ”said Benn98.

Miss Dalloway wasn't exactly jumping for joy either. “Why so many bad shots of you on covers? Indya can shoot like a dream but I haven't seen a good cover picture yet! Her face here is terrible, the eyes are dead, the pose is ridiculous, the styling is shameful. Nothing works…"

“That's a no for me. I don't understand why Vogue Spain chose the "Oh, I have a headache" picture for the cover, "said Ken Doll Jenner.

"I love that it's Indya and that there is much better editorial footage out there. That's all I'm going to say," added dodencebt.

Check out Indya's cover feature and join the conversation here.


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