The Undoing: Nicole Kidman’s Metallic Maxi Costume Is Dazzling

The Undoing: Nicole Kidman's Metallic Maxi Dress Is Dazzling

The premiere of HBOs The undo A mystery worth investigating was revealed on October 25, but we still can't take our eyes off Nicole Kidman's metallic maxi dress during the Reardon fundraiser. The silver pleated dress is worth wearing again and again on the red carpet. It has a plunging neckline, wide sleeves, an open back, and a tightened waistband that holds the entire look together.

Nicole's character Grace Fraser paired the dress with a glass of champagne and matching purple lipstick to bring out the colors of the gorgeous dress. Move in one style sleeping BeautyFlora and Merryweather would appreciate it, the dress also has shimmering undertones of gold, pink and blue depending on the lighting. Please excuse me while I spend the next few minutes figuring out which shade I love the most.


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