Gal Gadot Self-importance Truthful November 2020

Vanity Fair November 2020: Gal Gadot by Dudi Hasson

Radhika Jones is slowly but surely building the momentum of Vanity Fair. The magazine definitely wowed us with a spectacular offer from Viola Davis and a powerful Breonna Taylor cover. However, the current Elle Fanning cover of the title stayed behind. Gal Gadot is now making her solo debut at the Vanity Fair in November 2020. The actress was photographed by Dudi Hasson and styled by Noa Rennert. She wears a red latex dress from Saint Laurent Fall 2020 for the eye-catching image.


"Breathtaking coverage," enthused LastNight.

“Beautiful cover and very nice use of the Saint Laurent dress! They managed to give latex a softer look! "Noted Lola701.

"It's a breath of fresh air. Everything works – art direction, styling and pose," Benn98 repeated.

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Mode28 shared the same enthusiasm: “A typical Vanity Fair cover that is very reminiscent of the heyday of the magazine, but has a modern touch. I love the use of the Saint Laurent dress with the matching imprint, location, pose and slender art direction. Beautiful, just beautiful, and I'll be sure to grab a copy! "

“Breathtaking coverage! Very Herb Ritts for Vogue, ”emphasized Jorgepalomo.

"Coverage is great," commented Fiercification.

Ken Doll Jenner described the photography as "exquisite".

Check out Gal's cover story and join the conversation here.


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