Micellar Wipes to Change the Method You Wash Your Face

7 Micellar Wipes That Will Change the Way You Wash Your Face

Micellar water is wildly popular and for good reason. It cleanses, removes makeup and even hydrates — all without water. It does require pouring liquid on a cotton pad, however, and in the age of instantaneous everything, that’s too much effort for some people. So now micellar water is being married with cleansing wipes and the combination is pure magic. You get the benefits of the micellar water in the convenience of a towelette. If you’re a minimalist (or lazy), it’s the only cleanser (and in some cases, moisturizer) you’ll need. And if you’re a heavy makeup wearer, micellar wipes are sure to become your favorite way to take it off. There’s one for every skin type and need.

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