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Soothing Itchy Skin with SOOFE’E’s Natura Birch Tree Moisturizing Essence & Cream – THE YESSTYLIST - Asian Fashion Blog

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It’s this time of the year again when my skin begins to itch and crack due to the drier weather. So instead of a cleansing foam such as iUNIK’s Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam and a sebum control toner such as Rohto Mentholatum’s Acnes Powder Lotion, I’ve now switched to a cleansing paste such as VILLAGE 11 FACTORY’s Refresh Cleanser GREEN, and a more moisturizing toner such as the Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion Moist. I’ve also changed from using body lotions to body creams, and have begun using more sheet masks, hand cream and foot cream. Meanwhile, I’m on the lookout for moisturizers that feel right for winter, and I came across SOOFE’E’s Natura Birch Tree Moisturizing Essence & Cream.

SOOFE’E’s vibrant IG images featuring paper crafts and mini figurines were what first drew me to the brand, but it’d all be futile if the products were not substantial. Luckily, SOOFE’E has its own edge. The name SOOFE’E comes from the Korean term for “in the woods”. Founded by SK Forest which owns an entire birch tree forest in Mountain Indeung, Chungju since 1972, it uses birch sap and birch leaf extract, which are rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins to balance sebum levels, soothe, hydrate skin while also offering anti-aging benefits. The birch sap is collected for one week only every year around Danoh – the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar Korean calendar – when it was most nutritious.

The brand currently owns an orange Moisturizing product line, a green Soothing line, a white Healing line, and a golden Pro line for intense nourishment. The Moisturizing line includes a toner, an essence, a gel, a lotion and a cream, but I only tested out the essence and cream.

What is it:
Moisturizing essence formulated with 64% birch leaf extract, 20% birch sap, as well as Yellow-Moist Complex comprising of avocado, portulaca oleracea and brassica extracts to keep skin supple.

My thoughts:
First thing first, look at the color – isn’t that gorgeous? Autumn is all about orange – pumpkins, maple leaves, citrus fruits… just the thought of it makes my heart soar. The essence has tiny bubbles in it but is more on the watery side. It spreads and absorbs into skin incredibly well, leaving a matte, transparent finish. The most remarkable feature, however, is its captivating lavender scent which I hope could last longer. I love how it doesn’t add burden on skin, which means I can layer on thicker essences and creams, or apply makeup right after.

What is it:
Moisturizing cream enriched with 46% birch leaf extract and 20% birch sap, alongside Yellow-Moist Complex comprising of avocado, portulaca oleracea and coptis chinensis extracts to keep skin supple.

My thoughts:
The face cream looks as attractive with its clear orange jar and polished silver lid embossed with the brand name. The cream is slightly yellow right from the beginning – not a result of oxidation after opening. I can at once feel the presence of lavender oil in this one, not only by its smell but also by its texture. The lavender oil helps seal in moisture and immediately soothe itchiness.


Over the course of four weeks using the essence and cream each night, I began to notice gradual improvement of my dry and sensitive skin. In addition to easing itchiness, they also helped lessen my wrinkles and plump up my skin, which are perks that I didn’t expect from them.

I know it can be hard to switch to a new essence or cream when you already have some trusty ones, but the lavender scent of these two has set them apart from ordinary essences and creams. Most importantly, they didn’t irritate my skin and delivered what they claimed plus some more. These are definitely for the keeping, and I hope you’d love them as much as I do!

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