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Winter Hair Care from K-Celebs’ Favorite Salon jenny house – THE YESSTYLIST - Asian Fashion Blog

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If you are a K-pop fan or happen to be watching K-drama Record of Youth on Netflix, you've probably dreamed of visiting a Korean celebrity salon, where professionals create the impressive stage and red carpet for top stars. These K-celebrity salons not only house star makeup artists and drive K-beauty trends, but also serve regular customers by appointment. Service can be pricey, but many say the experience and results are worth the price.

Jenny's house is arguably the most famous K celebrity salon in Korea. This Cheongdam-dong operation in the heart of Seoul has styled over 1,000 celebrities over the past 20 years, including Son Ye-jin, Park Shin-hye, Song Ji-hyo, Han Ji-min, and members of K-pop groups like TVXQ , After school and more. A renovation at Jenny House costs between 275,000 won (for everyday use or a specific makeup style) to 385,000 won (for special occasions). Haircut prices start at 84,000 won.

In the pandemic, it has become even more difficult to visit Jenny House in person. Fortunately, you can get a taste of the experience with the brand's skin care, makeup, and hair care lines available at YesStyle. In this article we introduce the re; BAK Style Repair Shampoo and the treatment in collaboration with Yang Joon-il a.k.a. JIY and V2, which were called "G-Dragon of the 90s".

Who exactly is JIY? After debuting in 1991 with a song called Rebecca, JIY's career ended in the following years until the 51-year-old Korean-American singer-songwriter made a comeback on the popular show Two Yoo Project – Sugar Man. Named after the Oscar-winning documentary Searching for Sugar Man, the Korean television program is dedicated to rediscovering one-hit wonders. JIY was lauded for its avant-garde American hip hop music style in the 90s, which fans say is similar to G-Dragon's music.

The Re hair care line; BAK Style Repair got its name from JIY's debut song Rebecca and even has its own website. It consists of a shampoo (400 ml) and a hair treatment (230 ml) as well as a limited edition set with the portrait of JIY on the packaging and brochure. Both the shampoo and the hair treatment are embossed with JIY's signature.

The shampoo contains a clear gel that lather up into rich lather, while the treatment has a creamy, pudding-like texture. Both products have a relaxing citrus scent and are suitable for everyday use. The shampoo and hair treatment contains 98% natural ingredients, including:

Aloe water, Jeju Joritdae extract and asparagus extract Revitalize hair
Jeju mandarin peel extract and Jeju lotus leaf extract for antioxidant benefits
Jeju green tea extract and avocado oil To moisturize the scalp and hair
Broccoli extract to prevent the scalp from aging

To prevent scalp allergies, dandruff, hair loss, oily hair and split ends, the products also contain the following:

Five types of proteins, 23 types of amino acids and dexpanol to improve hair elasticity
Salicylic acid Control sebum production
Niacinamide to prevent hair loss

The slightly acidic formulas coat every strand of hair with plant water, plant oils and nutrients and only use EEC-approved, environmentally friendly ingredients. This means that the products are free from sulfates, silicone, parabens, mineral oils and artificial pigments.

The hair care range Re; BAK Style Repair is great for winter when the scalp is exposed to itching and dandruff. The hair treatment also helps reduce static electricity and hair flying off.

It'll be interesting to see more collaborations between Jenny House and other K celebs, especially on hair color products and eye shadow palettes.

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