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Halloween is just around the corner and this year it coincides with a special phenomenon – a super rare blue moon! A full moon on Halloween only occurs about every 19 years. Our mind and body can react in unexpected ways under the influence of a full moon. Check out this month's horoscopes for what to expect from this unique astrological event, as well as ideas on how to make Halloween a little fun or pampered.

Under the influence of the blue moon, librarians will feel quite sociable during this spooky time of year, which will lead them to bond with friends and family. Meeting up with loved ones sounds like the perfect plan! If social distancing is an issue, host a virtual party instead. It's also a great way to prevent librarians from burning out and physically hosting or organizing events.

What you need: Librans is all about aesthetics. Even preparing for a special occasion can ignite their festive moods. So reserve time for setting up the online bash. Be sure to take lots of photos and screenshots to remember the night!

It may be Scorpio's birthday season, but it is during this blue moon that they are encouraged to rest and relax. The full moon can affect their mood and make them less energetic than usual. Therefore, they should indulge in as many relaxing activities as possible. Birthdays are a great time for Scorpios to reflect on themselves and reappear as a more motivated and enlightened version of themselves. Those who have been feeling lost lately should take the time to enjoy the little moments that spark joy. Scorpios are likely to feel romantic this season too, and relaxing will calm the nerves for upcoming or impromptu dates.

What You Need: Regular self-care will help reduce stress. For a good night's sleep in a bath with your favorite music playing in the background, try sitting back and relaxing with a sheet mask. Nourishing oils and invigorating fragrances soothe body and mind.

This Halloween is going to feel deeply spiritual and personal for the archers. The normally high-energy shooter will long for much-needed downtime. Take this opportunity to delve deeply into current and future goals and prepare for the challenges ahead. This is also the perfect time to indulge in sensory experiences that will help blow off steam and reduce stress. Start with relaxing daily or weekly rituals – the more they invigorate the senses, the better.

What You Need: In addition to sheet masks, scented candles, and soothing music that are easy to incorporate into everyday life, you should spice them up every now and then with a therapeutic and rewarding activity like baking!

Capricorns are sensible, disciplined, and super hardworking people. While they always have brilliant ideas to bring to the table, it's not uncommon for them to feel underrated. For Capricorns, this month is the time to shine and expand connections that could be beneficial in the long run.

On Halloween day, the full moon suits Capricorn's fifth house (which governs pleasure and creativity) and encourages them to take it easy and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Capricorns can do just that by deviating from their usual routines.

What you need: Do you need a command prompt? Capricorns can get started by changing their hair, makeup, and outfits! Sometimes great ideas and inspiration emerge from leisurely activities. A day with minimal planning can produce pleasant surprises.

For aquarists, the blue moon suits their fourth house on Halloween, meaning it's a day to reconnect with family and close companions. This is a good time to relax in a place that is mentally safe and heartwarming. During the month, they can experience a range of emotions related to different aspects of their life, be it career or love life. The days leading up to Halloween may be confusing for many aquarists, but it will all be worth it.

What You Need: Aquarists can create the perfect Halloween they always wanted as a kid and let their inner child run free for the day! Why should there be an age limit for having fun, right? Start the day with scary movies, decorations, costumes, and candy all you can eat!

October is turbulent for Pisces as the sun enters their eighth house (which regulates the transformation). Before they can become their new selves, they are likely to feel lost and weathered for most of the month. Don't fret, the blue moon on Halloween will restore clarity and courage and help Pisces overcome their negativity. Her October social calendar is filled to the brim anyway, which will keep her busy by then. Being creative is in their blood and all of those feelings and ideas they experience this month are sure to fuel them up again!

What You Need: Being socially engaged can temporarily rid Pisces of negative thoughts, but it's important that they open their minds too. Write down words, pictures, and ideas that inspire you as they can serve as reminders to keep moving forward.


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