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2020 was really the year of BlackPink: collaboration with big names like Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Cardi B, three music videos before their first full album and many streaming records left and right.

I've admired the group's diverse fashion repertoire through their MV releases, from dramatic and faded out in How You Like That to pastel sweetness in Ice Cream, and I was concerned about whether the album's main title, Lovesick Girls, did would deliver – both musically and sartorially. Fortunately, my worries were in vain. Funny, edgy, wearable and very nostalgic from the early 2000s. The girls' punk-inspired look was actually my favorite among their three concepts.

Group outfit # 1

As a fan of dark colors, I found the girls' color palette to be visually appealing from the start. Despite the muted colors, the girls keep things interesting with patterns, layers, and jewelry. Some key pieces that reappear in the music video are graphic t-shirts, wide elastic belts, fishnet tights, and knee-high boots.


Lisa's look consists of a black sleeveless turtleneck and a striped cardigan in blue, red and white as well as a pair of denim shorts. These are all relatively simple pieces that you may already have in your closet! However, she complements her fashion game with a wide leather belt adorned with gemstones to accentuate her silhouette, a pearl necklace to highlight her turtleneck, and garters to elevate her shorts. A pair of berry-colored knee-high patent leather boots creates a structural juxtaposition.


Similarly, Rose's outfit is also based on items of clothing like an oversized graphic tee, black shorts, and a red plaid shirt tied around the waist. Accessories such as leather harness, fishnet tights and a silver choker with a spike chain give the basics a special touch. She brings a touch of color and updates the punk uniform by laying a patterned blue cropped camisole over her graphic t-shirt. For shoes, she wears short white lace-up boots to lighten her fit.


Jisoo's outfit is lighter compared to the other girls as she wears a striking asymmetrical sleeveless dress with a blue and white tie-dye print. Like Rosé, she wears black shorts and a T-shirt – only hers comes with armholes and safety pins for a punk reconstruction. Her knee-high black lace-up boots adapt to the overall darker palette, while her accessories are kept relatively simple: silver-colored open hoop earrings and a matching chain collar.


In keeping with Jennie's affinity for coordinating sets, which she often rocks off duty, here's a set to match with a cropped leopard print camisole and cardigan. To do justice to the animal print trend, she wraps a green-cut scarf with leopard print around her neck for Parisian chic, which counteracts the typically wild, free-spirited atmosphere of the print. Her delicate pearl earrings are reminiscent of the ladylike charisma of her neck scarf, while her denim shorts, leather belt, blue tights and black cowboy boots flirt with a punk-meets-western style.

Group outfit # 2

Compared to the last outfits, this second one is much more colorful, featuring bright reds, oranges, greens, and blues – in keeping with the fun the girls have when they eat fries, partake in food fights, and fire paintballs. There's also a preppy twist to the looks with plaid, argyle, and pinstripe, but don't worry, they don't stray far from their punk roots – just check out Jisoo's tie!


Jennie's makeup is blue, as her patterned cardigan, crop top with back tie, denim shorts and denim neckline dress are available in different shades. Her large red hair bow that picks up on the red notes of her cardigan is the perfect accessory to complete the girlish look. She is noticeably free of jewelry since the outfit is so loud enough. A pair of high platform boots in brown, which perfectly complement the blues, complete the offer.


Jisoo's ensemble here is another classic punk uniform that cleverly mixes masculine and feminine pieces: a long-sleeved white button-up worn off the shoulder, a pleated denim mini-skirt with a color-coordinated belt and silver chain, a short pinstripe vest and a red tie with a subtle green paisley pattern. Her pink and purple sheer plaid tights add a subtle color, and her black platform lace-up boots are a breeze to stomp around in edgy flair.


Rosé goes perfectly with her pink cotton candy hair and wears a matching plaid knit with red, yellow and orange flashes. Her cardi is cut super short, while her miniskirt is studded with allover safety pins – another motif. Similar to Jennie's red bow, roses add childish charm and highlight the colors of her outfit with orange bow hair clips. Meanwhile, her necklace and black lace-up shoes exude a tough, industrial atmosphere.


The counterpart to Jennie's blue and pink orange, Lisa's green outfit, consists of a short plaid blazer and an embroidered camisole. This very energetic look also features jeans with rhinestones on all sides for a really hypnotic effect as well as a multi-colored chain collar. Her black belt with buckle and the short white lace-up boots tie the different pieces together and prevent the look from going OTT.

Solo looks

In addition to group outfits, each member shows changes to the wardrobe for their individual shots in the MV, with certain repetitive elements serving to create each member's unique style and image.


The first of Jisoo's two solo looks shows her in an off-the-shoulder mesh maxi dress in light yellow while standing in a romantic field of blue flowers. The statement dress is paired with accessories like layered necklaces that consist of a chain choker and coin pendant necklace, fishnet tights and a black corset belt to add shape to the floating dress.

Compared to her dreamy and elegant first look, the second is reminiscent of the second set of group looks with its mix of bright colors and plaid. Jisoo's knotted pink t-shirt shamelessly channels girlish energy, while her combination of gray hoodie and plaid jacket exudes a relaxed vibe for skater boys. Her checkered, ruffled mini skirt combines the mood of both pieces and matches her jacket. The pink splashes match her top. The look is complete with black lace-up boots and fishnet tights, the latter of which come in both fits from Jisoo.


Rosé's two solo looks are very similar and positively embody the pop-punk princess style. Personally, I can't look at these outfits without thinking about Avril Lavigne. In her first outfit, she rocks a charcoal graphic tee with a desperate neckline alongside a black leather jacket, black thigh high boots, and an orange tulle mini skirt – ditching the classic pink option for a more contemporary, playful choice.

In her second look, she wears a white T-shirt with an Elvis Presley print, a short, marbled gray sweater and a tiered tulle mini skirt in peach yellow. For shoes, she rocks white Mary Jane plateaus with excessively high, chunky heels that add tenacity and maturity to the schoolgirl style. Compared to her first look, this one is much softer in terms of texture, with its knitted cardi and socks, and in terms of the colors – a neutral skirt instead of neon and flawless white shoes instead of black.


Both of Lisa's looks come in a dark palette, but with lots of attention-grabbing bling for liveliness. The basis of her first look is an oversized graphic t-shirt with a distressed look and an equally oversized denim bomber jacket. A dazzling bralette made from multicolored rhinestones is an unexpectedly extravagant choice to round off the fit. On the front of the accessories, her leaf-shaped rhinestone earrings go hand in hand with her bralette.

Lisa's second look also shows serious glitz and glamor. Most noticeable is obviously her iconic leather jacket with allover LED lights. But her jewelry – including a zigzag rhinestone collar, a silver-toned crescent necklace, rhinestone fingerless leather gloves, and a somewhat terrifying spike cluster ring – are all equally significant. Knee-high snakeskin boots splattered with pink and a patterned pink scarf hanging from her shorts reflect the pink lights of her leather jacket. Her denim shorts and tie-dye bustier top are available in dark colors so as not to spoil the statement pieces.


Jennie's entrance is on a car with handwritten "YOU + ME = 4EVA" markings and is sure to be breathtaking, but of course that is also due to her impeccably put together outfit. She adds a twist to the typical girl-boss outfit with a short blazer adorned with brightly colored brooches for a fresh, youthful touch, while her cut-out pants are adorned with faux pearl detailing. Cementing the idea that this isn't your usual pant suit, Jennie wears a casual oversized graphic lip t-shirt underneath and a sexy black leather harness corset. Black platform boots go effortlessly with the rest of the outfit, and her precious beaded hair clip adds a youthful touch to Jennie's signature style.

Eventually we see Jennie in a mental health department. She sits back comfortably with her stuffed animal (which definitely resembles the Mang-tae dreamcatcher doll from It's Okay to Not Be Okay) and wears a babydoll turtleneck dress and a pair of sloppy, thigh-high socks made from the same knit.

What outfit was your favorite from the Lovesick Girls music video? Sound off below!

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