LORAC PRO Palettes (2020) Swatches

LORAC PRO Palettes (2020) Swatches

LORAC PRO Palettes (2020) Swatches LORAC PRO Palettes (2020) SwatchesLORAC PRO Palettes (2020) SwatchesLORAC PRO Palettes (2020) SwatchesLORAC PRO Palettes (2020) Swatches

What year is it? It’s 2020 and time for a reformulation of the LORAC PRO Palettes (now $35.00 each) — sort of. The eyeshadow formula has been updated, while the color stories are a bit different. There are two 18-pan palettes, Soleil (warmer-toned) and Noir (cooler-toned), along with one larger, 25-pan palette.

Meraki ($45.00) is larger, square-shaped palette that contains 25 shades with a lot of names that sound familiar, though some are reminiscent of previous shades and others seem like departures. I did notice that the quality of the mattes in the Meraki palette felt weaker–sheerer, thinner–and did not seem to perform (at least in initial swatches) at the same level as the two smaller palettes. This might have been a result of the matte shades in Meraki being a lot lighter in general.

LORAC PRO Palettes

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