Elle Fanning Vainness Honest October 2020

Vanity Fair October 2020: Elle Fanning from Tierney Gearon

Elle Fanning has an unmatched track record on our forums. Regardless of whether the actress is serving “fairy tale fantasy” to American Vogue, trying a completely new look for Vogue Japan, going retro for Tatler or just serving pure beauty and grace to Marie Claire, Elle's covers are always a hit. Three years after her debut in publication, Elle returns to the cover of Vanity Fair for October 2020. Photographed by Tierney Gearon and styled by Rebecca Ramsey, the star of Hulus The Great poses high up on the hills of Malibu, wearing a dress from Christian Dior's Fall 2020 collection with some dog companions by her side for the breezy cover shot.


But the cover ended Elle's winning streak. "Why does she look so annoyed? And when I scrolled down I wasn't expecting to see these dogs, how random! I wish her pose could have been stronger to play the Greek look. That would have been breathtaking ”, criticized Benn98.

"Such a flat picture," said an under-challenged Mikel.

“I love Elle and I love the styling, but how is that not an outtake? She just looks pissed, ”said KINGofVERSAILLES.

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Cottonmund13 was also anything but impressed: “What a waste of Elle Fanning. They could have done a lot better considering this is their first solo cover for them. It's more like an amateur photo that goes on their Instagram for content purposes, but Vanity Fair decided to use it … "

“Seriously, what's going on here? Elle Fanning deserves it much better, ”said dodencebt.

"I mean, if you choose THIS recording as the cover, you really have no idea what you're doing!" proclaimed Miss Dalloway.

"It's pretty bad when you are staged by the dogs," interfered dfl-001.

Are you a fan See more of Elle's cover shoot and join the debate here.


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