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Are you a fan of chemical peels but not your skin? If you have sensitive skin, you may find that certain products with AHAs or BHAs can make your skin worse. However, don't let that stop you from adding chemical peels to your routine.

Thanks to PHAs or polyhydroxy acids, your sensitive skin, including rosacea or eczema, can get all the benefits of a chemical peel without irritation.

What does PHA do?

Similar to AHAs, PHAs help remove dead skin cells on the skin's surface and improve texture and overall tone. PHAs are also humectants, meaning they draw moisture to your skin so you don't have to worry about PHA products drying out your skin.

How often do you incorporate PHA into your routine

While PHA products are gentle and non-irritating, you should always start slowly when incorporating them into your routine. Start by incorporating PHA products every other day or at least three times a week. Once your skin is used to the ingredient, it can be used every day.

Which PHA products should I try?

PHA is used in many different skin care products, from toners and serums to masks and creams. Here are some PHA products worth trying, which are perfect for sensitive skin:

SOME OF WED – AHA BHA PHA 30 Day Miracle Starter Limited Set

If you're new to PHAs and want to try a bit of everything, the 30-day Miracle Starter Limited Set AHA BHA PHA from SOME BY MI is perfect for you. This set includes the Miracle Cleansing Bar, Miracle toners, Miracle serum and Miracle cream for you to incorporate into your routine. Although all products contain a blend of AHA, BHA, and PHA, the formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin. If you have particularly sensitive skin, it is helpful to do a patch test first.

NEOGEN – Dermalogy Green Tea Moist PHA Gauze Peeling

Peeling pads make peeling much easier. Each NEOGEN three-layer pad helps remove dead skin cells and soothe irritated skin. These exfoliating pads are also formulated with Aquaxyl and Biomimetic fluid tears that lock in moisture and make your skin look brighter and smoother.

KLAVUU – Green Pearlsation PHA Soothing Toner

If you're looking for a toner that is mild enough to be used every day, KLAVUU's Green Pearlsation PHA Calming Toner is a great option. Thanks to its tea tree and Centella asiatica extracts, this toner instantly soothes and polishes your dead skin cells. You can also pair it with that of the brand Green Pearlsation PHA Soothing Serum for maximum results.

TOUN 28 – solution

TOUN 28 offers a solution (T3 PHA) that solves all your skin texture problems. This concentrated serum is formulated with PHA and banana blossom vinegar and filled with vitamins. It improves your skin texture when applied consistently. It's also an ideal serum for people with visible sun damage as it rejuvenates your skin and provides additional nutrients to your skin.

A’PIEU – Naked Peeling Gel (PHA)

If you're interested in exfoliating gels, you'll love this Naked Peeling Gel (PHA) from the Korean beauty brand A'PIEU. You will not be disappointed as it promises you softer and calmer skin. Your skin will also stay glowing and hydrated, which makes it perfect for people with dry and sensitive skin.

Don't forget your sun protection factor!

Don't forget to put on sunscreen in the morning when using a chemical peel, even if it's a mild one like PHA. The use of acids can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. So if you don't protect your skin, you're opening it up to damage and hyperpigmentation. look at that Blog post for our sun protection recommendations.

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