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Which Female K-pop Star’s Airport Fashion Looks Should You Cop? – THE YESSTYLIST - Asian Fashion Blog

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Whether you identify yourself as a tomboy, girl, rocker chic, or boho goddess, there is likely a K-pop artist whose sense of style you love and want to emulate! Take our quiz to find out which idol airport fashions are perfect for you, and get some tips on how to stretch and refine your existing sense of style!
1. Choose a top:

2. Choose some floors:

3. Choose a dress:

4. Choose a piece of outerwear:

5. Choose a bag:

6. Choose some shoes:

7. Select an accessory:

8. Choose a piece of jewelry:

9. What is your preferred hairstyle?

  1. Soft, subtle waves with a cute headband
  2. An uncomplicated topknot
  3. Quirky dos like double braids or space buns
  4. Unstyled, but rounded off with fun hats

10. What is your must for the airport?

  1. Some Wayfarer sunglasses look chic – perfect for days without makeup too
  2. Headphones and books to pass the time
  3. Markers or sewing kits to keep you creative
  4. My cute cats!

11. How would you describe your style?

  1. Trendy but classy, ​​inspiration from the 90s and early 00s
  2. I keep things simple with muted colors, classic pieces, and textured silhouettes
  3. Carefree hippie meets androgynous rockers
  4. Youthful, playful and girlish with strong colors and funny coordinates


If you are mostly as …

Jennie from BlackPink

The dresses Jennie is photographed in are always in high demand and sell out almost instantly. No wonder, because she wears her outfits with such elegance (and insane body proportions). Known as "Human Chanel", Jennie embodies the popular "high teen" trend, which often rocks pastel-colored, cropped cardigans and baby t-shirts, wide-leg jeans, headbands and hair ties, and baguette bags. By balancing trendy items with luxurious, timeless pieces like blazers and leather jackets, and laid-back sporting goods like hoodies and sweats, her style always feels consistent and distinctly like hers. As the saying goes, “The fashionable woman wears clothes. She doesn't wear the clothes. "

If you mostly have Bs …

Irene from Red Velvet

Irene's fashion sense proves that simply is really beautiful and there is nothing wrong with playing it safe. Her airport look might not be groundbreaking, but she's foolproof and ages well – she will never look back on a fashion faux pas. To emulate her preppy and clean style, invest in high-quality, long-lasting basics: jeans that suit you, like a glove, pants, button-up and a plaid blazer. Tried and tested pieces don't have to be boring as you can opt for pieces with fresh details, such as Irene's jeans with front seams and split hems. For an effortlessly put together look, she also likes to mix and match pieces that are available in the same color but with different materials. If you're usually into professional basics like Irene, take inspiration from her long-sleeved plaid and floral midi dresses and diversify your everyday life by engaging in low-key prints for a soft, feminine touch.

If you mostly have Cs …

Chaeyoung twice

The rapper was voted a two-time member with the best fashion sense by her group members (she even sews her own clothes!) And prides herself on expressing her personality through her experimental style. She has also made it her business to adapt her airport outfits for a more explicit self-portrayal, such as a cream-colored sweater with colorful hand-drawn prints and lettering such as "BE YOURSELF" as well as texts from her favorite song (Breezy by Wouter Hamel) her shopping bag. Her style is hard to determine – sometimes she rocks paisley skirts, floral print tops, patchwork jackets, and even crochet bags and hats for a granny-esque hippie vibe, while sometimes she rocks an androgynous, grungy look in band-t Shirts accept. Distressed denim, oversized blazers, muscle tanks and Doc Martens. Despite being criticized by internet users, Chaeyoung is a firm believer that fashion doesn't need to be understood or accepted by everyone, and remains true to herself without apology.

If you mostly have Ds …


The airport fashion of the former I.O.I. and Pristin member Kyulkyung is modern, playful, and almost always colorful – just look at her purple Sailor Moon t-shirt dress, tied up with a purple belt, purple sneakers, and purple hair! If you're not brave enough to go for a full color-coordinated ensemble like Kyulkyung, her outfits also provide inspiration for more subtle ways to introduce color. For example, you can wear pants and a jacket in a basic color (like black or white) and add a touch of vibrancy through your top! You can also associate a subtle accessory such as socks, hat, hair tie or even face mask with an item of clothing. It really is all in the details. Finally, get inspired by Kyulkyung's love of a variety of hats, from berets, beanies, and bucket hats to baseball caps and newsboy hats – a great solution for bad hair days and an easy way to add character to lazy outfits.

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