ColourPop I Scent Kids Lip Duo Assessment & Swatches

Color Pop I Smell Kids Lip Duo

Color Pop I Smell Kids Lip Duo Color Pop I Smell Children Lip DuoColor Pop I Smell Kids Lip Duo Color Pop I Smell Kids Lip DuoColor Pop I Smell Kids Lip Duo

I smell children

Color Pop I Smell Kids Lip Duo ($ 11.00 for 0.155 oz.) Is a new limited edition duo that includes a red blue-based lipstick and a coordinating lipstick.

The two colors were pigmented, long-lasting, and stained, though the lipstick was – not surprisingly! – was more convenient for both of them to carry. The pencil worked well for more precision or to prevent leakage / bleeding with the lipstick on top.

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Maria is a medium-dark red with cooler blue undertones and a satin finish. It had rich coverage of color in a single stroke that was applied evenly and evenly to my lips without puffing or pulling. The texture was firmer and slightly dense in the tube so a little initial pressure was required before the color went slightly further.

It wore well for over six hours, left a heavy stain, and was slightly moisturizing over time. I haven't personally noticed any feathering / bleeding with this shade when I've worn it on my own, but neither are there any issues that I usually have.

MORE READING: Formula overview for details on general performance and properties (such as fragrance).

  • Hourglass At Dusk (LE, $ 34.00) is darker, warmer (90% similar).
  • Bobbi Brown Imperial Red (P, $ 37.00) is warmer (90% similar).
  • The hourglass symbol (P, $ 32.00) is more shimmery and warmer (90% similar).
  • MAC Nyma Tang (LE, $ 20.00) is shimmery and warmer (90% similar).
  • Sephora Offshore (66) (P, $ 8.00) is shinier (90% similar).
  • Color Pop On Display (P, $ 7.00) is darker and warmer (90% similar).
  • Sephora Wicked Smart (02) (P, $ 13.00) is darker, warmer, and shinier (90% similar).
  • Estee Lauder LA Noir (P, $ 32.00) is shimmery, warmer, and shinier (90% similar).
  • Bite Beauty Braised (DC, $ 24.00) is warmer (90% similar).
  • Chanel No. 03 (LE, $ 38.00) is more shimmery and warmer (90% similar).

Formula overview

$ 7.00 / 0.12 oz. – – $ 58.33 per ounce

The formula that's supposed to be a "creamy matte" that "glides like butter, doesn't bounce or bleed, and lasts so long you'll forget you're even wearing it." The majority of the shades were fairly pigmented in a single stroke, with some being in the semi-opaque coverage area.

The texture, on average, was smooth, slightly creamy, and not too thick or too thin so it didn't pull when applied, but the paint didn't feel slippery when worn, which made it easier to apply straight out of the tube and low- Maintenance on the lips.

They tend to dry out within one to three hours of wearing and wear off to a soft, matte finish. Although very light, they hug the lips more as they become dull (compared to the initial feel). Wear time for most colors was between four and six hours, and most colors were non-drying to slightly moisturizing. They smelled of vanilla but had no discernible taste.

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LELimited edition. $ 7.00.

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Spinster ladies

Spinster ladies is a muted, medium red with cool undertones and a matte finish. It had almost opaque pigmentation all in one go that was evenly applied to my lips and had enough lubricity for all of the color as well as precision (and almost no slip) for the lining.

It wasn't the most comfortable color to wear on its own as it felt a bit thin and clingy. The color stayed good for over six hours, leaving a small stain and drying out slightly over time.

  • MAC Follow Your Heart (LE, $ 17.50) is warmer (90% similar).
  • Color Pop Hot Cakes (LE, $ 5.00) is lighter, brighter, and cooler (90% similar).
  • Color Pop Bossy (LE, $ 5.00) is lighter, cooler (90% similar).
  • Bite Beauty # 080 (P, $ 18.00) is more shimmery, darker, and warmer (90% similar).
  • Urban Decay Wonderland (P, $ 20.00) is lighter (85% similar).
  • Bite Beauty # 078 (P, $ 18.00) is warmer (85% similar).
  • Color Pop Come, We Fly (LE, $ 5.00) is darker, warmer (85% similar).

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