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You may think that there is less need to buy new clothes because of lockdowns and social distancing, but my shopping appetite has not been tamed at all. In fact, I find shopping almost therapeutic. The fashion industry has stayed active and I just don't want to miss it! Before you start your transition, these are the top trends you need to know:

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1st color – celery

Just when you thought Classic Blue would dominate the rest of the year, an unexpected guest – Celery – showed up. The color is basically a toned down version of lime green and contrasts well with brown, gray, and black, which are the darker choices among this season's most popular colors. If you think it's too yellowish, try olive, sage, or mint greens.

2nd color – light brown

Oranges and shades of brown are great choices for fall – think pumpkin, walnut, gingerbread, cinnamon, and syrup. Just the thought of it is enough to make me feel warm and happy! This year purple and romantic chocolate brown was popular. Go tone on tone for some retro and preppy mellow woman looks.

3. Silhouette – balloon sleeves

The sleeve trend is still big and heavily influenced by the Victorian era this season. Bib necklines, ruffles, bustier cuts and hip-accentuating details complement the balloon sleeves for dramatic, yet figure-flattering silhouettes. As part of the sleeve trend, mutton sleeves, capes and power shoulders are also strongly represented this season.

4th accent – flapper fringe

Yes, we are talking about the alluring dresses with long, soft and glittery Gatsby fringes. With fewer parties, it's perfectly okay to adapt the trend to the cozier and more practical cowgirl fringed coats and boho capes.

5. Accent – ruffles

Ruffles go hand in hand with cords. A drawstring in the center of a top creates ruffles to emphasize the bust, while one on the side of a skirt naturally creates a scalloped hem and ruffles to make the hips look wider. Either way, it encourages an hourglass figure.

6. Style – preppy

The soul of this trend is the sweater vest. Get them simple, or in an argyle print, in light or muted colors. Wear it with a collared blouse, tapered pants and brogues, rounded off with a blazer or trench coat in the colder months. If you want to go a step further, put on a newsboy cap and leather belt.

7th style – equestrian

Equestrian and preppy styles have the same root, the only difference being that the quintessentials of the former are equestrian boots. Get them in brown or black and combine them with slim almond trousers, a knitted polo shirt and a dark blue blazer. Alternatively, you can go for the monochrome approach with brown plaids.

8. Subject – skirt suit

Turn to the powerful yet sexy skirt suit for some serious boss-girl vibes! The blazer keeps you warm and forms a textured silhouette, while the skirt doubles as a cute substitute for pants. Look for comfortable materials like wool and tweed to make them more wearable.

9. Samples – mini checks

I'm basically talking about the tattersall in riding outfits, but you can opt for its sisters too – the buffalo check for grunge looks, or monochrome graph checks to keep it simple. The smaller the checks, the easier it is to style as they are less likely to be overwhelming. Try yellow and brown in color.

10. Pairing – dress + pants

This trend is in line with the season's demand for floor-heavy silhouettes while keeping you warm and faux pas-free. The easiest way to rock this trend is to tuck skinny pants under a coat dress like you would wear leggings under a dress on cool days.


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