Binx Walton Vogue Korea October 2020

Vogue Korea October 2020: Binx Walton from Luigi & Iango

Glamor is always a good idea, especially in times of uncertainty, and Vogue Korea has decided to deliver just that for October 2020. For the past nine months, the covers of the Korean fashion bible starring Rianne Van Rompaey, Bella Hadid and Hyun Ji Shin have never ended, and the latest title is no different. Binx Walton serves the face and body of the eye-catching and downright breathtaking cover photo by Luigi & Iango. Binx wears a black latex number from Saint Laurent's fall 2020 collection, which stylist Eunyoung Sohn selected for the shot, which leaves us (almost) speechless.


The cover was exactly what our forum members longed for. “FASHION FINALLY. That radiates glamor! This is a Vogue cover, ”applauded MON.

"LOVE that! FASHIONABLE, it's an exciting picture: great clothes, cool pose, excellent eye contact – power comes from it. Great job, Vogue Korea, ”said Bertrando3.

"What a cover, looks like she was born out of a plastic pool like a vixen Venus," added YohjiAddict.

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Summer Day was in the same mood: “Wow, Binx looks so commanding and sexy on the cover. It's so great to see her finally grab those deserved covers. "

Valentine27 was a fan too. “This is a great and strong cover. Best I've seen lately, to be fair. Binx served this pose totally in the water. The styling mixed with the water on this tile floor works so well. I just love everything. "

"The best she's ever seen, IMO. The cover is so damn refreshing!" Noted marsnoop2.

"I love it. I don't think I've ever seen her pimped up like this, smoky eyes, bronzer, shine … she looks hot!" Enthused Toni Ahlgren.

The cover feature is an absolute must. Check it out and share your thoughts here.


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