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As a longtime fan of the variety TV show Running Man since its conception in 2010, I was broken when member Kang Gary left the show a few years ago. I was delighted that he and his son Haoh were back in the spotlight on the reality show The Return of Superman earlier this year!

Gary always had a relaxed but recognizable style that took a fun and colorful turn when he became a father. In The Return of Superman, the father-son duo can be seen in matching, lively street-style pieces. There was a time when color matching and coordinating your entire outfit with someone was considered a major faux pas in fashion. Now it's a big fashion trend and Gary and Haoh's outfits are a prime example of how adorable and stylish it can be!

Kang Gary & Haoh vector illustration

Printed button-up short-sleeved shirt and long-sleeved top

Printed shirt Printed shirt Long sleeve shirt Long sleeve shirt

Perhaps, due to their brief stay in Hawaii, Gary and Haoh can often be seen in short-sleeved printed shirts. I picked a denim piece with subtle floral prints for Gary and a light blue piece with a fun all-over pizza print for Haoh. Underneath are long-sleeved T-shirts with a round neckline. The rapper has always layered his shirts for a hip hop look and passed that style down to his son! A white shirt with bold red "Attitude" lettering on the sleeves brings out the red pepper print on Haoh's pizza shirt. For Gary, I went with a blue, white, and orange gradient.

Boxy shorts and crew socks

shorts shorts Team socks Team socks

Shorts are another item that you see a lot with this duo. To complement the white gradient on Gary's long sleeves, I opted for white functional boxy shorts and black and white crew socks. These quirky socks feature Hangul characters, what with Haoh!

Haoh's closet is much livelier than his father's. His orange shorts are adorned with black straps to create the same functional vibe. I also gave Haoh matching orange socks with color-blocked inserts in red-orange and teal.

Matching yellow hat and sneakers

Matching yellow hat Matching yellow hat Yellow sneakers Yellow sneakers

Headgear is incredibly important in protecting yourself from the sun, and it's an equally important style factor in matching the duo's outfits. Gary can often be seen in his iconic HALYANG baseball cap, so I styled the rapper in a yellow ocher-colored cap accented with subtle lettering on the black strap. Haoh gets a much lighter yellow bucket hat.

In The Return of Superman, Gary often makes Haoh go on fun adventures in the country or while walking around the neighborhood. Matching yellow low-top sneakers ensure that your walks are always comfortable. While Garys are simple and iconic with their white soles and white laces, I picked a more colorful pair for the little one. His yellow sneakers are designed with mismatched orange and green Rideliners and have rainbow laces.

Which K-celebrity should we style next? Comment below!


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