Avenue Fashion: London Vogue Week Spring 2021

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Street style during London Fashion Week has a reputation for being quite eclectic. And the spring season 2021 kept this tradition alive. Even in the middle of a pandemic, street stylists were out checking out shows and flaunting their latest outfit creations. The street style of London Fashion Week Spring 2021 ranged from head to toe neutral to colorful dresses and more relaxed looks.

One quick look and it can be difficult to tell what month it is. That's because the attendees rocked suits, sweaters, shorts, and even summer dresses. We assume that this is all thanks to the unpredictable climate in London. (Or a lot of people have simply chosen to be cold or bake under too many layers.) What we don't do for fashion …

Check out the slideshow above for the best street style deals from London Fashion Week Spring 2021.


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