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Aside from reading a product's ingredients list, one of the things I always do when testing new skin care products is smelling. I love products that smell like roses because they remind me of spring and summer. Even though it's almost fall, these two products make me feel like it's still summer when I put them on!

If you like a floral scent in your skin care regimen, especially rose scented products, then you might fall in love with these two products from the Korean skin care brand AROMATICA. Read on for my full review.

AROMATICA Reviving Rose Infusion Serum

Main Ingredients: Organic rose water, rose essential oil

What it claims to do: Deeply hydrate the skin and give it a glow

My experience: Most of the serums I have used come in a 30ml bottle. I was surprised to see this come in a 100ml bottle, which is a generous amount! I've been adding this serum to my morning routine for a month now and haven't even gone halfway through the bottle! I can imagine that it will take me a few months to use the whole thing.

The Revitalization of the rose infusion serum is formulated with organic rose water and rose essential oil, which gives it a beautiful and elegant rose scent. The scent is not overwhelming and fades quickly when it is absorbed into my skin. I am also impressed with the texture of the serum as it is not sticky at all and although it is a light pink hue from the bottle, it is actually clear when applied.

It's a very light serum for me, which makes it ideal for my daily routine. When using it, I always notice that my skin appears brighter, more hydrated and softer. This serum always softens the look of some of my smile lines too, which is a plus.

AROMATICA Reviving Rose Infusion Cream

What it claims to do: Improve the elasticity of the skin and bind moisture

My experience: Similar to the serum that Revitalizing the rose infusion cream also offers an elegant rose fragrance. This cream has a very soft and buttery texture that glides so smoothly on my skin. I don't have to worry about my T-zone areas looking greasy by noon as this cream makes my complexion glow and never appear greasy.

I included this in my morning routine too and when combined with the serum, the amount of glow I get is unlike anything I've experienced. Now that we are entering the colder season I could use whatever I can get as my skin looks rather dull in winter.

The Reviving Rose Infusion Cream also binds moisture with A + as it contains organic shea butter and babassu seed oil. It looks like I don't have to worry about dry spots in fall and winter as long as I have this in my routine!

Final thoughts

Although the products smell of roses, AROMATICA does not use synthetic fragrances. So what you get comes from natural ingredients. Both products are also vegan-friendly and cruelty free.

Not only do I love these two products, but the packaging too. Both products come in glass packaging that looks elegant on my skin care shelf. I also appreciate the fact that AROMATICA uses 100% recyclable packaging and opts for sustainable glass instead of plastic packaging.

Overall, the Reviving Rose Infusion Serum and Cream are perfect for deeply nourishing my skin with a side of shine. While I don't think their formula is strong enough for mature skin, they can definitely alleviate my premature fine lines. So if you are looking for products to help you premature aging and give your skin a youthful look then these two are worth a try.

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