11 Methods To Look Slim and Match Earlier than your Marriage ceremony

Look slim and fit before your wedding

So you want to fit perfectly into your dream wedding and fairy tale cocktail dress, but are concerned about love handles and a small belly that shines through? Don't fret all of your brides, try these tips and tricks before your wedding and fade out on your D-day and look like a million dollars. You're worth it, aren't you?

1. Don't sit idle: Take these running shoes and start exercising diligently. Set aside at least an hour in a day to exercise or at least walk. Whatever it is, don't be idle. You can even exercise while you watch TV – jogging on site, jumping jacks, or simple planks. It'll really help in the long run.

2. Don't miss your workouts: I know you must be tired from your shopping and have probably slept late, but that's absolutely no excuse for not exercising. All the shopping and all the roadside food while shopping is not going to help you lose weight. No matter how tired you are, make exercising your priority, not an option.

3. Say no to refined and junk food: Try to stay away from refined foods and junk food. These include white rice, maida, and refined grains. Refined and junk foods add empty calories to the body without providing any nourishment. Junk food also makes you hungry all the time and before you know it you would be adding too many calories to your daily diet. Instead, switch to brown rice, brown bread, and whole grains.

4. Before you get married, say no to Sugar: The first thing one should probably do before the days of marriage is to cut out any refined sugars. Table sugar has empty calories and leads to weight gain. Instead, switch to stevia leaves to add sweetness to your food. Here's what happens if you say no to sugar for 15 days.

5. Focus on your problem areas: You have a flat stomach and flabby arms, but your arms must be tight for your reception gown. What are you doing in this case? While you may not be able to tell how much fat is being shed from any particular part of the body, you can clearly tone that area. Practice abdominal or arm exercises depending on the problem area.

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6.Stop carbonated drinks and alcohol: All of these packaged drinks, even if they claim to be "fruit juices," will get in the way of weight loss, just as alcohol does. Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses) and opt for healthier options like coconut water or even a simple old glass of lassi.

7. Do not crash diet: Don't take short cuts when it comes to your wedding. The internet is full of diets, but they show different results for different bodies. Most importantly, you don't crash the diet or severely limit calories. Instead, switch to healthy eating programs like Rati Beauty that help you lose weight without compromising your health or fitness.

8. Stress is not good: Butterflies in your stomach can flutter, but only occasionally. Don't stress or send sleepless nights to bed – they contribute to weight gain.

9. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night: A good night's sleep improves the metabolism and reduces the amount of the hunger hormone "ghrelin". The bonus is that you can get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes too. Get a good night's sleep to look great.

10. Practice yoga: Yoga is an amazing way to tone up your body, lose weight, and feel amazing in general. If you practice yoga daily, you will automatically find out how amazing it is for your body and mind.

11. Include lots of vegetables and whole grains in your diet: As everyone else would have advised, include plenty of vegetables, seasonal fruits, and whole grains in your diet. In fact, try to eat at least half a plate full of vegetables at each meal, and don't forget to take portion control and practice mindful eating as you go.

These were a few little tips, when put together, you won't look less than a queen or princess on your wedding day. Incorporate them into your life and your happy wedding.

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