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SONREVE is a relatively new Korean skincare brand that I came across not too long ago. I'm a sucker for aesthetic skin care, even more so when it's clean, cruelty free, and natural. SONREVE takes sustainability and the environment seriously and publishes all of its products in toxin-free, FSC-approved packaging that is printed with soy ink to reduce the use of harmful chemicals.

Let yourself be inspired by the French words "son rêve". SONREVE means his dream and uses only EEC certified ingredients to feed people with sensitive skin. With children and expectant mothers being part of the brand's target audience, their products are definitely sensitive to sensitive skin.

The products I am reviewing this time mostly contain sea buckthorn extracts. Known for its versatility, this ingredient is rich in antioxidants and contains high levels of vitamins A, C and E, as well as fatty acids that can strengthen skin barriers and improve moisture retention. This makes it particularly effective in harsh climates.

Step 1

Latte Bubble Deep Cleansing Pad

What is it? Double-sided, self-foaming cleaning pads that can be used to remove make-up or as a second cleaning step.

In detail:

After applying a light layer of cleansing oil, I moisten a cleansing pad and massage my face with the embossed side in circular movements. As soon as they are moist, the pads lather on contact with the skin and give off a mild, soapy odor. I then wipe off the foam with the mesh side before rinsing my face with warm water. This does a great job of removing my makeup and is a lot easier and not as messy as my usual routine. To make sure my makeup comes off, I wipe a regular cotton pad over my skin. As a peeling cleaning, the cleaning pad is non-drying, thorough and gentle. Each pad also contains extracts of aloe, sea buckthorn and honey to make the skin fresh and soft.

step 2

Tri-Bio treatment essence

What is it? A highly moisturizing toner that brightens the complexion and balances the oil-water level.

In detail:

Aside from sea buckthorn fruit extract and Korean pine kernel oil, this essence contains mostly fermented ingredients which are fantastic for keeping skin glowing and moist throughout the day. The essence comes in the usual watery consistency. Its scent reminds me of Secret Key's initial treatment essence, which is likely due to the high percentage of fermented content. The Tri-Bio Treatment Essence has more of a herbal note in the aroma, although the overall smell is still very mild. I have tried applying this essence with my hands and cotton pads, and I prefer its thoroughness. During the trial, this replaced my toner and kept my skin refreshed and moist with a non-sticky finish.

step 3

Signature Balance Serum Calming

What is it? A nourishing serum that regulates, soothes and strengthens sensitive skin.

In detail:

This serum, tested by dermatologists, has an aqueous gel consistency and contains super moisturizing D-panthenol and a skin-soothing sea buckthorn complex filled with vitamins C and E. The serum has an immediate cooling effect, but leaves a slightly stickier finish than my summer serums. Its calming effect is accompanied by a light and refreshing forest-like aroma that is mixed with bergamot, mandarin, geranium and sandalwood.

Although all SONREVE bottles have the same frosted glass and pink metal caps, the serums are the only products that come in unusually shaped bottles with a wrinkled effect that are much easier to grasp.

Step 4

Moisturizing facial emulsion

What is it? A moisturizing emulsion that soothes stressed skin and restores a natural, healthy and glowing complexion.

In detail:

Aside from the main ingredient, this pre-moisturizer is formulated with meadow foam seed oil – a rich and waxy oil that also acts as a natural antioxidant. The emulsion replenishes the skin's moisture content and strengthens the barrier so that the skin remains supple and plump. Its texture feels like a mixture of milky lotion and gel, and its soothing scent has a hint of citrus than the serum.

Although I love the texture, I don't like the bottle design that much. Unlike other emulsions that I've seen and tried, this one comes in a regular bottle rather than a pump bottle for ease of use. The process of getting a good amount of product out of it is the same as trying to extract ketchup from an almost empty bottle. I knocked and shivered violently just for a drop or two of the emulsion, and often a few drops landed on my sink and mirror.

Step 5

Aqua Recharge Cream

What is it? A moisture and oil balancing moisturizer that revitalizes, soothes and refreshes the skin.

In detail:

The Aqua Recharge Cream is a thicker version of the emulsion and has a viscous texture that is pleasantly cool on the skin thanks to an infusion of aloe vera leaf extract. It comes with the same forest scent as the serum. At first I thought it was a lot richer than the emulsion, but the cream actually soaks into my skin pretty quickly, leaving a velvety finish.

Step 6

Sleep mask for the face and neck

What is it? An intensive sleep mask that supplies tired skin with plenty of moisture and nutrients.

In detail:

As the final step in skin care, the sleep mask has hands down the richest and thickest texture. The mask spreads like butter on the skin, leaving a film-like layer that dries to a smooth, velvety finish. One pump is usually enough to cover my entire face, neck, and collarbone. It feels a little heavy after the moisturizer, but it definitely keeps my skin nourished all night. I usually leave the A / C on at night as it's still 30 ° C on my side of the earth, so my skin feels a little tight in the morning. After using the sleep mask, my skin stays super soft even if I rinse it off in the morning. The scent is like that of the cream, but with an additional dose of bergamot oil and aloe vera leaf juice.

The judgment

I've gotten used to a super light and minimal summer skin routine for so long that it's a little confusing to switch back to a busier, richer skin regimen, even if it's only six steps. I suggest allowing some time between steps four, five, and six to make sure that each is fully absorbed.

I love the Latte Bubble Deep Cleansing Pad. It makes removing makeup so much easier. I can also use a lot less cleaning oil and fewer regular cotton pads. On the other hand, I find that 20 pieces per tub just isn't enough as it doesn't last all month if I wear makeup every day.

I have no complaints about that Tri-Bio treatment essenceas it is quite similar to my usual Galactomyces essence. It's definitely one of those staple skin care products to invest in regardless of your skin type.

The Soothing Signature Balance Serum left a slightly stickier finish than I expected. Since it's still relatively hot and humid where I live, it may be too early to switch from my summer serums to this one. However, I see that this will add more moisture once the climate changes.

I've never had a habit of using a pre-moisturizer, but I can see why some consider it important. The Moisturizing facial emulsion is a wondrous mix of serum and face cream that works well as a moisturizer if you have oily / combination skin. How Aqua Recharge Creamthe texture is viscous enough without being too sticky. It could be useful for the transition months in autumn.

Since my skin is not really that dry right now, I switch between the cream and that Sleep mask for the face and neck depending on how my skin feels. Since it's still too hot to apply thick creams, I only use the sleep mask when my skin needs an extra boost of moisture. I think this alternating method is also suitable in summer for people with oily and combination skin. Once winter comes and my skin is crying out for moisture, I can see how to take full advantage of the cream and sleeping mask.

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