Alicia Vikander UK ELLE October 2020

UK Elle October 2020: Alicia Vikander from Hans Feurer

When it comes to delivering compelling covers, Alicia Vikander doesn't exactly have the best track record on our forums. Publications such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harper & # 39; s Bazaar, Porter and ELLE (to name a few) have miserably failed to profile Swedish beauty and Louis Vuitton's brand ambassador. After a flop on UK ELLE in April 2018, Alicia will return to the front page of the magazine for October 2020. The firm favorite of Nicolas Ghesquière was captured by Hans Feurer on site in Paris and shows a glimpse from Vuitton's fall 2020 collection for the cover picture.


Unfortunately, Alicia's luck won't change. “This is really bad coverage. You have Alicia and you can't do anything better with her? "KateTheGreatest pointed out.

“It could have been nice. But the hair and makeup ruined everything, ”added GivenchyAddict.

"The coat is really terrible, doesn't deserve to be on a cover. But everything else makes it worse, like hair, make-up, casting. Hans couldn't have saved this if he had tried … "said Benn98.

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Sharing the same overwhelming feeling was Mode28: "Everything should be fine in the world when Hans Feurer shoots the cover of ELLE, but that is miserable and a real eyesore." Alicia's front pages are extremely good or bad, but the awful eye makeup, styling, and ridiculous posing only make a bad situation worse. "

"Terrible. Alicia can't impress on the press," WAVES repeated.

“Clumsy coverage. Looks like she just woke up and had a hangover, ”phungnam96 intervened.

"Oh, ouch. Alicia is stunning, I think she is an incredible beauty, but she seems to fall flat for me photographically. It's like no one has figured out exactly how best to shoot them, but I'm convinced it can be, ”wrote Honeycombchild.

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