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Since DALLA DALLA in 2019, ITZY has been releasing singles that promote self-confidence and remain true to your own self. The new track Not Shy is no different. The music video for the addicting new song, in which the girls are portrayed as badasses, wielding weapons and taking part in desert chases, lets them try out a whole new concept of fashion. If you're a fan of a little themed disguise, you'll love the girls' Wild West-inspired looks who by no means shy away from loud colors, patterns, textures, and silhouettes – and you already know that you'll be performing some very elaborate dance moves, while they're at it.

Look 1

Not Shy's music video begins with the girls' faces affixed to wanted posters, followed by a long intro in which each member is officially introduced with a close-up that corresponds to western film format. The girls are dressed in what is probably their most elegant fits of the MV as they drive through the desert, and also at the end of the MV when they finally discover a secret stash of delicious cakes.

Left to right, we have Chaeryeong first, wearing a spaghetti straps and fringed mini dress in addition to a faux fur wrap – both are a nod to flapper-style clothing, although the wrap's neon yellow hue brings things in that decade. Dramatically cut knee-high high-heeled shoes and a simple, thin black choker round off the whole thing.

Instead of sparkles and furs, Yuna chooses a loud, sleeveless, printed jumpsuit, a wide, elastic black belt with a circular buckle at the waist, and a pair of white ankle boots with chains and colorful feathers. She juxtaposes the funny pieces with two luxurious rhinestone chains, one of which has a cute blue heart-shaped stone.

Lia goes a girl's route with a figure-hugging mini dress with cutouts and contrasts the pink dress with sock boots, bangles and spherical earrings in an equally saturated cobalt blue. Your silver-colored tire chain belt dissolves the colors and gives it an elegant touch.

With her large cowboy hat and leather belt with silver buckles, Ryujin's look is most overtly Western-inspired, but even her classic headgear is more femme with dangling artificial crystals on the edge. Her B&W outfit consists of a strapless white top with balloon sleeves, glittery shorts, layered pearl necklaces, and patterned knee-high boots. It's both familiar and experimental and reminds me a little of 2NE1's ensembles from Missing You.

Last but not least, Yeji's strapless high-low color block dress with sequins, a feathered hem and a slight train is definitely the most extravagant and stunning. Go for a toned-down, but equally ball-ready piece with this sequin number with a spaghetti strap and asymmetrical fringed hem. Yeji styles hers with a thick silver chain, a more delicate necklace with a green gemstone and some peep-toes with rhinestone straps.

Look 2

For the group's second look, which they wear while showing off their dance moves in alleys and garages, the girls prefer a more casual vibe in summer-appropriate clothes like camis and shorts. With high gloss materials and a range of atypical knee high boots, they keep things chic and fashionable.

With her single light blue fingerless glove and pink highlights, Lia definitely gives a certain Avril Lavigne appeal from the early 2000s. Her outfit consists of a lace halter, patent leather shorts with cutouts and rhinestone ribbons, a pair of quirky sheer boots, and heart-shaped earrings.

Yeji is again wearing the group's liveliest outfit and can be seen in a multi-colored sequined blazer dress worn alongside a gold-toned belt with a square buckle, light green boots and layered pearl necklaces of various colors.

Ryujin rocks an animal print-heavy outfit that really pushes the boundaries of warm tones. It features a striking, copper-gold, cropped biker jacket, a short, white T-shirt with a lip graphic print, biker shorts with a tiger print (a variant of the latest must-have fashion item!), Boots with a snake pattern and a gold-colored necklace.

In keeping with Yuna's Maknae status, her look, which includes relatively low-key and very wearable pieces like a cropped green camisole with a twist front, tie-dye jeans, black and white cowboy boots, and multi-colored pearl bracelets, could be a slightly playful streetwear ensemble.

Chaeryeong also creates a relaxed atmosphere and combines a brightly patterned, short-cut tube top with a similarly patterned, short-cut zippered jacket. Her ruffled denim shorts add playfulness, while her gold-toned boots, layered pearl necklaces, and rhinestone waist chain add a more mature glamor.

Look 3

In the final outfits, the girls dance in front of an abandoned car dealership in the desert while wearing sleeveless tops, shorts and even more unconventional boots. With the injection of several psychedelic prints, the overall effect is retro and carefree.

Yuna's peplum tank with a swirling blue print is worn alongside matching silver sequin shorts and silver ankle boots with a strappy neckline. The look features triangular earrings for a geometric touch and a rainbow-colored lettering choker.

Ryujin's patterned blue camisole with a triangular hem has a similar color palette to Yuna's bodice and is available in a unique pleated material for structural reasons. Just as fascinating are her shoes, which are a mixture of brightly washed jeans hanging over blue boots – a concise embodiment of the street-meets-cowboy aesthetic of the entire MV. Her black denim shorts are decorated with polychrome patchwork and are reminiscent of the jeans panel on her shoes. Finally, a silver rhinestone belt connects the angular ensemble with pizzazz.

Yeji gets scorching hot and cheeky with a silver, short cut bodice with sequins that says “I AM NOT SORRY” in red. For a similarly cheeky alternative, this humorous two-handed rendition features red accents that go perfectly with red synthetic leather shorts. The rest of the outfit, including a thick silver chain, pearl bracelet, and white boots with contrasting black detailing, is kept simple to make her statement pieces shine.

Chaeryeong rocks a dreamy makeup in white. Her gray-and-white patterned strapless dress with an asymmetrical hem and sheer inserts is light and floating, while her simple white shorts, foldable white boots, and hoop body chain incorporate an urban chic.

Now for the most psychedelic outfit of all! Lia has fun with the '70s disco vibe by mixing a purple floral print tube top with mesmerizing printed blue pants and glittery pink boots – not to mention a patterned headscarf (a must for a' 70s look) and lots silver accents the shape of a choker, a belt and an arm cuff.

Which Not Shy look was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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