How To Scale back Oily Shine on Face in Photographs

How to reduce oily sheen on the face in photos

This post is about simple and effective methods that you can use to keep photos from looking very shiny or greasy. I'm sure we can all remember many occasions when we thought our makeup looked perfect (in the mirror), but when we later saw photos of ourselves we found that we were actually super greasy and shiny looked! Now there can always be a small discrepancy between what you look like in person and what you look like in a photo because there are so many more light elements in play in the latter. However, there are a few simple things you can do about your makeup to keep you looking absolutely perfect and flawless (and certainly not greasy, sweaty, or shiny!) In photos. Read on to find out how you can improve the end result of your photos.

1. Start with a mattifying primer: Once you've moisturized your face, it's important to use a mattifying foundation as the base for your foundation. This will keep your skin's natural oils from mixing with the foundation throughout the day, and will keep the skin from becoming oily and reflected in shiny photos. Recommendation: Makeup Forever Skin Equalizer Mattifying Primer.

2. Use a foundation without a sun protection factor: Many foundations with sun protection factor contain titanium dioxide as a sunscreen. Titanium dioxide is notorious for having an awful amount of flashback in photographs and for giving skin an unnatural, "ghostly" look. If you want to look good in photos, you shouldn't wear foundation that contains SPF. Choose a foundation that is known to be well-photographed, like Make Up Forever HD Foundation.

3. The color will match your concealer: Sometimes we use a concealer under our eyes and around our face that is way too light for us. While this won't make you look oily or shiny, it can give the face a discolored look. Always make sure that you are wearing the right concealer (and foundation) to look good in photos.

4th Choose semi-matte and long-lasting formulas: For both your foundation and your concealer, it is best to use semi-matte and long-lasting formulas that tend to be very damp. To make sure that these products sit smoothly on your skin, exfoliate and moisturize your skin well beforehand. Recommendation: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt Soft Matte Longwear Foundation.

5. Set your makeup with powder and spray: Adjusting your makeup well is probably the most important step in ensuring a great photo. You can use either a matting powder or a setting spray for this purpose. Using a combination of the two can also help you a lot and prevent you from looking shiny in photos. Recommendation: NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

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6th Have blotters ready: For those of you who have terribly oily skin and still tend to look shiny in photos (even after you've done all of the above), blotters can work well for you. Always keep blotters handy and quickly dab off your makeup before taking the photo. Recommendation: The Face Shop Oil Blotting Sheets

7th Avoid flash photography: Flash photography or photos taken under very bright and artificial light can make you look more shiny than you actually look. For the best photos, choose subdued lighting and natural lighting over everyone else.

8. Try the Jamsu Method: If your face becomes extremely oily within minutes of applying makeup, try the popular Korean Jamsu method. After applying makeup and matting powder, submerge your entire face in a container of ice cold water for up to 30 seconds. Just dab with a soft cloth without disturbing the makeup – now you will have flawless and shiny makeup for hours. Step-by-step instructions for performing Jamsu explained here.

9. Stop using alcohol-based toners and cleaners before you apply makeup: You may think that alcohol-based cleaners and toners are the best choices for shrinking large pores that secrete oil, but they do just the opposite , they tend to remove moisture from the skin and rev up the sebum glands – the result is an excessive production of oil and sebum that seep through the makeup. Always use a mild detergent or micellar water to cleanse the skin before applying makeup.

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