10 Uncommon Lipstick Shades from MAC

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MAC lipsticks are hugely popular all over the world and there is a lipstick for every skin tone and complexion in its collection, across many surfaces – matte, frost, gloss, cream sheen, satin, etc. In this post we list the 10 best unusual lipsticks on shades from MAC that are not yet due.

1. MAC Heroine: It is a light purple lipstick with a matte texture. If you love something matte, purple, MAC, bold lips, unique lipstick, then you must own this lipstick.
2. MAC Creme Cup: A light blue pink / cool tinted whitish-pink lipstick with a cream sheen finish.
3. MAC Peach Blossom: A frosted, cool, neutral shade with a slightly shiny, peach-colored pink shade.
4. MAC Chintz: A deep frosty, brownish-brown shade with a frost finish.
5. MAC Snob: A satin lipstick in light neutral pink / a blue tinted whitish neon pink lipstick.
6. MAC Media: With a satin finish, it is a deep burgundy plum.
7. MAC model behavior: MAC describes “model behavior” as a clean purple with a blue pearl in a frost finish.
8. MAC Stone: The color that MAC describes as "subdued gray-taupe-brown", a gray-taupe lipstick with a matt finish.
9. MAC Cyber: A satin lipstick in a deep red-purple shade.
10. MAC Good Taste: The hue is a pretty cheerful summer pink with a creamy texture.

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