Cynthia Erivo US InStyle October 2020

US InStyle October 2020: Cynthia Erivo by Joshua Kissi

Since Laura Brown took over InStyle in 2016, she has supported many interesting cover stars. We've all met everyone this year from Kerry Washington to Lady Gaga to Carey Mulligan and Zendaya. Now Cynthia Erivo joins the formidable list with the release of the October 2020 edition of InStyle. Captured by photographer Joshua Kissi, the award-winning actress, singer, and songwriter wears a ruffled purple number from Alberta Ferretti's Fall 2020 collection for the bold profile shot.


The cover immediately became a topic of conversation on our forums. "Cynthia Erivo Beautiful Music" sounds like someone pulled a gap when thinking of creative title lines. It's a great profile picture and the lilac looks without the distraction. For some reason it looks very ELLE, ”Benn98 said the moment the cover fell off.

“Nice portrait! But this headline… ”Jorgepalomo repeated.

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"This styling and colors are very similar to the Lady Gaga cover earlier this year," said Handbag Queen.

"I don't like the pink font, but I love Cynthia's profile! It's another good cover for October," agreed aracic.

“A bold and fabulous cover, I love the use of the portrait shot, which makes for a captivating cover and is guaranteed to get noticed at the kiosk. I think it's just flawless, love the purple and minimal art direction. No complaints here! "enthusiastic fashion28.

Srdjan described the cover as "really nice".

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