Dora Postigo Vogue Spain September 2020

Vogue España September 2020: Dora Postigo by Ezra Petronio

Vogue Spain has been one of our favorite magazines lately thanks to a series of must-have covers with Hailey Bieber, Ana de Armas and Miriam Sanchez. (Not to mention the title's beautiful and serene response to the global health crisis.) For September 2020, Dora Postigo, the daughter of model Bimba Bosé, will star on the cover of the Spanish fashion bible. In her very first Vogue cover appearance, the Spanish singer wears a colorful bob and a plaid look by Noir Kei Ninomiya for the picture photographed by Ezra Petronio.


The cover wasn't good on our forums though. "She looks like an Instagram influencer," MDNA said the moment the cover fell off.

"What about that hair?" asked a horrified Miran.

“Really bad, looks like a backstage snapshot at a third grade fashion show where the designer cast his friends. The guy is also tall and demanding. This shouldn't even be an addition, ”YohjiAddict intervened.

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Phuel felt the same way: “Absolutely. What's worse is that it resembles the backstage shots where sloppy retouching is sloppily applied. Nobody's eyes are that white and nobody's complexion is so smooth … insulting amateur post-production. "

"Wow, I'm really surprised by Vogue Spain for getting it so wrong. The cover isn't terrible, but it's for September? Plus they have Ezra behind the lens. Huge failure," said an under-challenged Benn98.

"The thing about Ezra is that he's incredibly good when he's good, but when he's bad, he's ridiculously bad. To be honest, I can't find anything good about this boring cover," added helmutnotdead.

"Um, based on that cover I would have preferred Dora the Explorer," joked justaguy.

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