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For most people, crystals and gemstones are just pretty stones. For those who practice spiritual healing and yoga, crystals are essential to facilitate healing of the body, mind, and spirituality. Since crystals are from Earth, it is not just a phrase to say that they contain Earth's DNA. Made from minerals, they have unique atomic structures and vibrate at their own frequencies. Healing crystals are popular as an alternative treatment and are based on traditional practices that can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Hinduism and the New Age movement. While there is no scientific evidence to support the healing ability of crystals, some believe that crystals promote positive energy and that they can be used to re-calibrate the imbalance in spiritual energy or chakras.

How did crystals find their way into skin care? We all know that good skin doesn't just come from good skin care. Our general physical and mental health also plays an important role. If crystals can calm your mind and calm your skin all at once, why not kill two birds with one stone?

While there is an abundance of gems to semi-precious stones out there, I can only cover so much in one article! Here I will examine the commonly available crystals along with some products made from or containing essences from the stone in question.

The use of jade in beauty can be traced back to the Chinese Tang Dynasty, particularly in the form of gua sha, a medicinal method that involves scraping or rubbing the skin with a flat, rounded tool to promote blood circulation and at the same time relax muscles to remove swelling. When used on the face, the experience can be described as both a massage and a workout. It is best not to apply Gua Sha directly to dry skin. Instead, use it in conjunction with water or a face oil for best results.

Jade is associated with wisdom, calm, and status. For spiritual healers, jade has a cleansing energy that removes toxins from the skin. The stone itself feels quite cold and gives it cooling and calming properties. Using a jade facial roller in the morning can puff and revitalize your complexion. At night, it can help relieve tension in your facial muscles for optimal repair. Regular use also helps prevent wrinkling and promotes firmer, smoother skin!

Like jade, rose quartz is considered great for stimulating better blood circulation. This is important in getting toxins out of your skin while promoting cell renewal and recovery. Using rose quartz regularly in your skin routine will help restore a healthy glow by relieving tension that can lead to dull and sagging skin. Naturally cool on the skin, when rose quartz is incorporated into skin care devices, it provides an instant cool feeling that can relieve inflammation.

It is believed that different types of crystals have different types of healing properties. Since rose quartz is a love stone, it corresponds to heart chakras and its unique vibration promotes peace, harmony and all forms of love, including self-love.

This mystical purple gem is said to have the ability to purify negative energies (i.e. stress) while promoting emotional clarity. So comforting is its presence that it has become a popular decor even for non-practitioners. Healers applaud amethyst for its general positive energy that makes it an all-purpose stone. Some recommend placing an amethyst near the edge of the bed to improve sleep quality, or on different parts of the body to help regulate mood swings.

An amethyst face roller also provides a cooling sensation to soothe inflamed or irritated skin, which is beneficial in conjunction with skin care products. For example, using a face roller over a sheet mask not only improves the adhesion of the mask, but also nourishes the skin and relieves tension in your facial muscles. The face roller enhances the benefits of any skin care regimen as it can help oxygenate the skin for a healthier, firmer complexion, and add a boost to your regular sheet mask!

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