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YesStyle is back with another INSSAKIT!

INSSAKIT Vol.2 was specially curated to make our quarantine routine a little more exciting and productive. This box is aptly named Jib-kok Edition, a Korean word for “stay at home”. It contains ten Korean beauty and lifestyle tips so that you can relax even during the quarantine. Scroll down and unzip with us!

Stage 1: morning routine

Dianne: I always start the day by writing down my to-do list, and that's what I found notepad being a therapeutic change from my usual online checklist. There is a "Color for Your Day" section that is fun to color and doodle. The notepad has a meticulous desk design so I can easily write down what to do for the day and when!

Sarah: I find it so easy to waste time doing absolutely nothing. That's why I tried to discipline myself by setting fixed routines. This daily notepad came when I needed it! We have the soft, dreamy peach version with a cupcake graphic, but it's also available in the same aesthetic colors of lavender, pink, beige, blue and mint green. This block is great as a study planner. Here you can organize by topic, list tasks and visualize your daily routine. Bonus points for the circles at the top of the page that you can punch if you want to keep the sheets in a ring binder.

Dianne: Even though I'm at home, sticking to my usual routine has a positive effect on my productivity. Part of my routine is lightly putting on makeup. I like versatile lip tint formulas and cream-colored LightFit Air by moonshot makes it incredibly easy to add a pop of color to my lips and cheeks. The smooth creamy formula sticks seamlessly over the lips for an MLBB finish, and just a small stroke across the cheeks brightens my face!

Sarah: I've given up lip products for the most part as we wear masks around the clock, but I wipe this lip tint on during the rare dinner. After all, I still want to look my best when I take my mask off! I've always preferred matte surfaces to glossy ones, but I have problems with overly dry formulas that exaggerate cracks and lines. This tint gives a soft, matte finish, but thanks to its light, airy texture, it glides on smoothly, making it an absolute dream to apply. Mine came in 503 Chilling Coral, a vibrant coral pink that brightens my complexion in one swipe. I also love the sleek and minimal packaging.

Dianne: THE FACE SHOP Mono Pop Multi Palette Signature Edition may not be part of everyone's morning routine, but I enjoy its natural, springtime hues. The palette includes nine shades of matte, shimmer, and glitter eyeshadow, plus a highlighter, blush, and shading color. You can get creative with this compact palette thanks to its cohesive color structure and buildable formulas!

Sarah: I like the mint-colored letter and envelope packaging on this pallet. It even comes with an artificial wax seal and a vintage postage stamp! The palette picks up on the 2020 S / S makeup trends with their warm browns, refreshing pinks, and bright corals that are diverse enough to range from everyday to glittery and dramatic. The girl in me is obsessed with how pretty the rosy tones and soft pearlescent finishes are, while my practical side appreciates that this compact one allows you to complete a full face of makeup.

Level 2: afternoon pick-me-ups

Sarah: It has never been more important to get your daily vitamins and stay healthy. Fortunately, this is very easy to do with these Powder stick packages! Each contains 500 mg of vitamin C to help fade skin discoloration, increase collagen, reduce fatigue, and restore health. It also contains 2 mg of vitamin B2 and 5 mg of vitamin B6 to help regulate physiological functions and boost metabolism. The powder does not have to be mixed with water, but can be consumed directly, which makes it very convenient for use on the go. Whenever I feel the onset of a cold, I have always relied on vitamin C tablets to help boost immunity. So I thought I would love this product as well! The intense acidity made me pull some funny faces at first, but I got used to it. What makes it sweeter is the collectable BTS packaging with a member on the paper box and on the stick packages – keep your fingers crossed, you get your favorite!

Dianne: I was definitely shocked when I first emptied the vitamin C powder in my mouth, but the acidity subsided quickly enough. It's a perfect afternoon pick-me-up that provides a much-needed boost of energy. I usually want a siesta in the afternoon, but a packet of vitamin C powder fired me enough to end the day.

Sarah: My family were long-time fans of Tom & # 39; s Farm's honey butter almonds, but Little did I know the brand was expanding to include so many new flavors like black sugar milk tea, mint chocolate, spicy chicken, and tteokbokki! I always feel like having snacks in the middle of the workday and this small package is perfect for satisfying that craving. The Wasabi flavor Causes a burning sensation in the sinuses that feels unbearable for a split second, but then develops into a perfect salty-spicy balance.

Dianne: I was initially hesitant to try the wasabi and almond snack as I'm not a huge fan of spicy foods. However, this snack is quite addicting to be honest! The wasabi burn resolves quickly and makes me look for more salivation.

Level 3: Unwind

Sarah: This Face wash hair band paired with the Kakao Friends Little Sleeping Eye Mask from the INSSAKIT Vol. 1 is the perfect set to avoid becoming stylish. The pink coral fleece material is soft and comfortable and is decorated with an extremely cute Apeach plush toy. The stretchy band fits comfortably to keep hair off your face as you progress through your skin care routine, making it a practical must-have.

Dianne: Like everyone else, I made the mistake of cutting my own bangs during quarantine. Did i regret it? Yes. Does it make my makeup and skin care more difficult? Also yes. I've actually used the sleeping eye mask as a makeshift headband when washing my face and applying skin care. Fortunately, this kit comes with a headband for washing your face! The fabric is soft on the skin and especially keeps even the shortest strands of my pony out of my face!

Sarah: This portable cold massager Contains a gel refrigerant that soothes and cools sensitive and irritated skin, improves skin elasticity and minimizes pores that have been stretched by heat. The massager can be kept at room temperature, refrigerated, soaked in warm water, or used with a soothing gel or moisturizer. I don't have sensitive or irritated skin so initially I felt like this product wasn't doing much for me. Then I learned that it is also good for use on puffy faces in the morning and on tight legs. Since then, I've been using it for these purposes instead. I recommend a relaxing warm facial massage in the morning and using a chilled massager after a workout to relax sore body parts and cool off reddened skin.

Dianne: Calming and calming your entire body is the best way to relax at the end of the day. Storing the massage healer in the refrigerator and cooling my body after the hot summer sun – especially after a shopping trip – are essentially part of my daily routine. However, after a long day sitting cross-legged on my bed, I prefer a warm massage to relax my calves.

Dianne: Staying in the house really nurtured the creative spirit in all of us, from making banana bread to coloring everything we own. I've covered almost every DIY project so I don't go crazy. I was incredibly excited to find one DIY candle set in the kit because I love candles and they are made from 100% soy wax. The set includes soy wax flakes, a wick, a glass container, a sticker, a fragrance oil and a paper container, all enclosed in a cute coffee cup.

It was fun, therapeutic, and easy. Just gradually pour the soy wax into the paper container and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds before adding more wax. The fragrance oil also serves as a dye. If you want to be a little more creative, you can adjust the amount of fragrance oil for a lighter shade! The wick has a self-adhesive bottom so it can easily be placed on the glass container before the melted wax is poured into it. We waited about two hours, as this would permit our patience, and then immediately lit it to enjoy its soothing scent.

Sarah: We received the "I'll be the best of the best" version of the DIY candle, available in a light teal and royal water scent. It smells super light, refreshing and clean like freshly washed sheets. I've never been a great candle person, but this innovative set could have changed my mind! I love the clever packaging, the vivid colors, the fun fonts and the cute sticker for your candle holder. It's the perfect home activity for a lazy day. Plus, the result is perfect for improving your living conditions for an IG picture! NGL, I want to collect all the different colors and line them up in a rainbow colored set.

Sarah: This Protective mask is recommended for dehydrated and acne-prone skin, as well as skin with large pores, deep-rooted blackheads and excess sebum. I struggle with most of these issues which is why this product felt perfect to me and ended up being one of my favorite products out of the whole box! The mask is made with Canadian glacial clay to control excess sebum and remove skin debris, oatmeal to remove dead skin cells, soften and moisturize the skin, and tea tree leaf to soothe the skin while relieving and preventing acne . It offers cooling, lifting and thorough cleansing effects, kills acne-causing bacteria and at the same time constricts the pores. I think it's great that this mask is extremely easy to care for and easy to use as it dries quickly and is easy to wash off. It has a natural, earthy smell that reminds me of ginger tea and provides an instant cooling sensation. My skin feels soothed and cleaner after use, and I haven't seen any new breakouts since I started adding them to my routine. The mask can also be partially used to combat sudden breakouts as well as other acne prone areas of your body.

Dianne: This clay mask was recommended to me by YesStylist editor Romy a while back and I've loved it ever since! I'm so glad it was in this box because I was planning to buy it back. As someone who has incredibly oily skin, this clay mask was my first choice to help control my excess sebum. Wearing a face mask all day also aggravated my skin and made it more textured. The clay mask is ideal for peeling my skin and feels fresh and smooth.

Sarah: I have pretty dry, frizzy hair so I was really looking forward to trying it Hair ampoule set. It contains protein, collagen, keratin, ceramide and amino acids to make hair soft, shiny and supple. It also has a self-heating system that stores food and moisture for up to 72 hours. To use the ampoule, you need to mix it with cold water in a 1: 1 ratio until it turns into a cream, then massage it into your hair and rinse. This product took longer than expected to make as I had to measure the water and look for an unneeded plastic container to mix the solution. I really enjoyed the scent of the mixture and my hair felt very damp and sleek – although I'm not sure the effects lasted 72 hours. People with longer hair may find that the product isn't enough because I couldn't really cover my ends.

Dianne: As Sarah had predicted, there weren't enough vials for my waist-length hair. Maybe that's why I couldn't feel the effect of the ampoule until I used it the second time. My hair is dry and curly, so it needs constant and urgent moisture. This ampoule made my locks soft, shiny, and hydrated without the heavy feel that some other hair products leave behind. My hair did not feel limp after using it. It looked like it even added a bit of volume which is a huge plus in my books! For those with longer hair, I would recommend using two bottles instead of one so the ampoule can really work its magic.

That was the #INSSASCOOP on YesStyles Vol. 2 of INSSAKIT! Have you learned something new or have you been an insider tip for many years for all deeds? Let us know in the comments below!

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