UK Vogue September 2020 The Faces of Hope

UK Vogue September 2020: The Faces of Hope

Edward Enninful breathes new life into British Vogue. This year alone, we've watched 85-year-old Judi Dench make her debut in British Vogue, been blessed with a trio of covers celebrating front-line workers, and just last month got a whopping 14 covers of British landscapes . Now the September issue has fallen and Enninful is back in the history books. Misan Harriman is the first black man to capture the cover (below) in the magazine's history with Adwoa Aboah and Marcus Rashford on the black and white cover. Enninful also selected "Faces of Hope" from around the world, including Dr. Meenal Viz, Tamika D. Mallory, Riz Ahmed, Janet Mock, Angela Davis, Jane Elliott, Alice Wong, Jesse Williams, Joan Smalls and Reni Eddo-Lodge. Yvette Williams and Patrick Hutchinson were photographed by Texas Isaiah, Philip-Daniel Ducasse, Reginald Cunningham and Chrisean Rose.


Unfortunately, the cover didn't do well on our forums. "Edward, my dear, it's getting old and boring!" explained helmutnotdead.

"So you basically did the same thing as your last September cover?" asked depordetioz.

"Unfortunately, it's a resounding NO from me. I understand the world is changing, and I don't discredit in any way what the people were champion for, but Vogue is first and foremost a fashion magazine and the fashion angle is missing here," criticized vogue28 .

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In the same mood, MON was: "The world is crumbling with hundreds dying every second and the last thing we'd all like to see is a cover that feels like a funeral." This is not the face of hope. That's why I check out Vogue Paris for fashion content. "

“I'm so done with activism in fashion. Where is fashion in fashion? Scotty wondered.

“As much as I applaud Edward for addressing social issues, this is Vogue, not Time or The Telegram. It can handle social issues without affecting equally important fashion, ”agreed Urban Stylin.

The handbag queen was also disappointed. "I don't think fashion magazines should have the job of ramming politics down our throats because they think they'll stay relevant." Most social activists probably don't read fashion magazines. Enough is enough!"

UK Vogue September 2020: The Faces of Hope


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