Rihanna US Harper’s Bazaar September 2020

US Harper & # 39; s Bazaar September 2020: Rihanna from Gray Sorrenti

Rihanna is Gold Newsstand. Whether the singer, who has become a fashion and beauty mogul, serves outstanding covers for British Vogue, gives American Vogue the best cover in months or is almost unrecognizable in the interview, she nails it every time. So we're not surprised that Harper & # 39; s Bazaar invited the icon back for the fifth time with the unveiling of its key September 2020 edition. Rihanna, photographed by Gray Sorrenti, makes a good face with a face full of Fenty beauty and a white Fenty shirt on the kiosk (below). For the subscriber alternative (after the jump), she wears a Bottega Veneta coat under a clear blue sky.


The blankets were a real treat – for the most part. "Rihanna is always a welcome cover story!" cheered aracic.

"Ten, ten, ten down the line!" raved about dodencebt.

"THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Great job Harper & # 39; s Bazaar. This could be the best September coverage in years," approved crmsnsnwflks.

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KINGofVERSAILLES shared the same enthusiasm: “I really like both covers. It feels relevant to activism and social movements, but not removed from the fashion and commerce that I want and expect from Bazaar. "

"Fine, it's always been a pleasure to see Rihanna on the covers of magazines, but it certainly could have been a lot better. You've certainly recovered after Rihanna's cover from May 2019, which almost caused a headache, "criticized vogue28.

Not all of them screamed from the rooftops, however. "I'm sorry, but Rihanna looks terrible! What a waste of a great cover art," said RMDV.

San Marco described the outcome as "predictable" but do you agree?

US Harper & # 39; s Bazaar September 2020: Rihanna from Gray Sorrenti


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