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If it
comes to skin care,
I must say
I am pretty hardworking. I'm quite proud of myself for keeping my skin care routine
Routine every day with no mistakes. Although it might not be as complicated as one
10 step Korean skin care routine, my basic 5 step routine is plentiful
enough for my needs. However, I am terrible at taking care of my feet. I do not do that
a lot aside from the occasional moisturizer and leftover sheet mask essence, so
My feet are nowhere near as smooth and soft as other parts of my body.

This timeI decided to try Frudia's My Orchard Peach Foot line. How
It's midsummer it's hard to avoid sandals and other shoes that show mine
Feet. To get baby soft skin for the season, it's time to boot my skin up
Foot care routine.

What is it? A detergent for hand washing with additional antibacterial and deodorant properties.

In detail:

The foot shampoo consists of potassium cocoylglycinanate, a surfactant made from coconut that gently cleanses without irritating the skin. It's also fortified with antibacterial and odor-fighting bubbleberry extracts and menthol to revitalize tired skin.

The spray bottle design makes it really easy to spread the product over different areas. Washing is even easier as I can do it completely freehand. However, the scent is quite strong. The super fruity and floral scent reminds me of hi-chew candies. I'm not a huge fan of this, but I can see why it would help suppress odors.

What is it? An hour-long mask for dramatic exfoliation, hydration and fatigue relief, as well as removing odors from the feet.

In detail:

After opening the package, there is a strong smell of nail polish remover. I immediately regretted pulling my nose closer for a touch as I was almost feeling a little dizzy. I slipped my foot into the sock-like pouch before twisting and taping the mask. A bit of the essence got on my finger, but it had more of a menthol and herbal scent on the skin.

I set the timer for 60 minutes. I was ready not to move once I put the foot mask on, so I sat down with a glass of water, a book, and some writing to attend to. Although my movements were sluggish and a little clumsy, I was able to move fairly freely. It's not exactly a relaxing experience – it reminds me when my shoes and socks are soaked in heavy rain. I'm also not sure if I enjoy feeling my skin soaked in fluid for so long.

After removing the mask, I rinsed my feet thoroughly with warm water and found that my feet looked a little red. I've always had sensitive skin, so the salicylic acid and vinegar extracts may have irritated my skin a little. Despite the redness, my skin felt cool and refreshed, probably due to the menthol infused.

The judgment

For the Foot shampooSince I have no odor or sweat problems with my feet, I cannot judge whether this shampoo is particularly effective or not. But my boyfriend also started using the shampoo on a daily basis and he loves it. He thinks regular body washes and shower gels don't clean hard skin as well, but this shampoo is different. His feet are drier and more odorless lately, which is a surprise as he has always had problems with the humid summer climate.

For the Peeling maskIt takes four to ten days for the peel to complete according to the package, and it has been about four days since I used the mask. The day I put the mask on, the tops of my feet felt incredibly soft, while cracks, calluses, and generally dry areas of my soles became more prominent. I haven't noticed a peel yet, but the peeling process varies and can take up to 14 days depending on the amount and thickness of dead skin. After ten days, I'll leave an update below so you know how it went!

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