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Jessica Ho, better known as Jessi, is a rapper and singer and lives in South Korea. Although she has been active since 2005, it wasn't until her appearance on the first season of Unpretty Rapstar in 2015 that she became known for her unreserved and completely honest demeanor – a rarity even on reality TV shows. Jessi quickly became a staple on various TV shows and one of my favorite style icons in the Korean music industry.

Fast forward to this year, she continues to be one of my favorites with her deep, gritty voice and lively aesthetic that Jessi is utterly and apologetically free. Her saturated music videos are always full of great outfits, and her recent comeback didn't disappoint. Her personality is expressed every time, with every sexy outfit having a touch of retro flair. Everyone wants to mimic Jessi's IG villain look with a mix of normcore, sportswear and party chic.

Jessi main picture illustration

Transparent top with leopard print, Neon bodysuit & Cut-out denim shorts

Leandrillo leopard print long sleeve bodysuitLeandrillo - Sleeveless, normal bodysuitColada - cut out denim shorts with buckle and high waist

Nothing screams more than this figure-hugging leopard print top. The sheer, long-sleeved piece is a perfect base for Jessi's outfit as it represents her wild demeanor. To highlight the neon serge seams in the seams of the leopard print top, I put a neon body over it. The rapper is always bold in her fashion choices, and the halter top and high thigh cut really accentuate her body.

I chose denim shorts with a high waist, frayed hems, and cut out details accented with buckle straps to add texture to the sleek silhouette. The shorts match the silhouette perfectly, and the side seam cutouts mirror the bodysuit's neckline at the waist. Denim shorts are part of every outfit by Jessi, regardless of whether she spits bars on stage or lounges at home.

Leopard print sunglasses, Fishnet neon sock heels & Black Belt Bag

Aisyi - cat-eye sunglassesNiuna - Fishnet High Top High Heels Short BootsAyame - belt buckle made of synthetic leather with a buckle

Jessi's style is anything but minimalistic. This is why it is important to repeat certain details to make the outfit look composed. Sunglasses with the same leopard print as the long-sleeved top are great for highlighting Jessi's usual cat-eye makeup. With their shoes, sock boots in the same striking neon yellow as the body tie the look together. They are made of mesh, which is almost always present in the rapper outfits.

Since we live in the renaissance of the throwback look, a black leather belt bag is a great piece to pair with the belt-inspired accents of the shorts and add a retro touch to the look. The mini belt pouch was also an important accessory in their latest NUNU NANA music video.

Gold colored accessories

Taimi - hoop earringsSeirios - Alloy Chunky Double Chain CollarSeirios - Set of 3 chain bracelets

Of course, no Jessi outfit would be complete without large hoop earrings. This iconic accessory is almost synonymous with the rapper. To give her outfit a luxurious finish, I also applied chain necklaces and bracelets. Instead of their usual silver, I donned gold to complement the warm tones of the top and sunglasses, as well as the gold hardware on the belt pouch, and to bring the whole outfit together.

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