I Requested Perfumers The way to Discover the Excellent Scent On-line—Their Ideas Stunned Me

I Asked Perfumers How to Find the Perfect Scent Online—Their Tips Surprised Me

Shopping for the perfect fragrance can be a big undertaking. You have to think about what kind of mood, aura or mood you want. Would you like to go with something that is floral, spicy, fruity and musky? Will it be an everyday fragrance or something you wear on special occasions? There is a lot to think about and to think about. And that only tests the fragrances IRL – online shopping for perfume can be even more complicated. The biggest (and most obvious) downside is that you can't really smell what you're buying until it is delivered to your home. Why has nobody perfected the Odor-O-Vision technology yet?

However, at the moment this is our only option. To find out how you can navigate online when buying a fragrance if you can't sniff before buying, I asked perfumers and fragrance experts for their tips. Spoiler alert: there are a few points that you have probably never thought of!

Okay, this idea surprised me the most, although it seems pretty basic. As someone with a very vivid imagination, I didn't really think about applying it to online shopping. "You have to bring in all your senses, memories and ideas," says Ixchel Leigh, author of Aromatic Alchemy and founder of Artisan Parfums. "If a fragrance contains citrus fruits, recall your memory of those citrus fruits. If the fragrance reminds you of forests, imagine walking through a forest and taking a deep breath. If you haven't been to a forest yet, search a picture or video of a large group of very tall, tall trees, then close your eyes and start breathing as you imagine yourself in the middle of these trees, you will feel your body relax, your shoulders fall, your chest expands How it feels to smell a forest. Then you will know what a forest smells like, even if you cannot identify the smell. "

"If you buy fragrance online, ask yourself: & # 39; How do I want to smell? What feelings do I want to convey to others? What emotions do I want to feel? What do I want to achieve or create in my life? & # 39;" Leigh suggests. "Smell and smell can support your desires. Do you want to fulfill a desired task? Then choose a fragrance that supports positive thoughts for you, that gives you energy and supports your creative or mental goals." You will probably want to ask yourself these questions if you also buy an IRL perfume.

This depends on the retailer's communication lines. However, you should ask questions if you can. "Communication with the seller is an important factor with which you can feel comfortable when buying online," says Ben Krigler of the legendary Krigler perfume house. "For example, Krigler has an online chat live with consultants, but social media is also a good way to learn and communicate."

Many online descriptions of fragrances contain details about the respective notes. So it can be helpful to know which scents are stronger and which are more subtle. "The best example for comparing fragrance notes is wine and how many different layers there are," explains Cat Chen, founder of Skylar. "The fragrance has top, middle and bottom notes. The top notes relate to what you" taste "or smell first – these dissolve faster. The heart notes linger a little longer, and the bottom notes are smells the penultimate you notice the longest in the background. "

It can also be helpful to consider the different fragrance families that are classifications. Leigh lists some common ones with examples of fragrances:

Flowers: Rose, jasmine, magnolia

Herby: Lavender, dill, lemongrass

Woody: Sandalwood, cedarwood

Citrus fruits: Orange, lemon, tangerine

Spices: Cardamom, cinnamon, ginger

Fruity: Pear, apple, peach

You may have heard of Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and Cologne, but what do these sentences really mean? Chen says it's all about concentration. "Eau de parfum is stronger than eau de toilette," she explains. "Many of Skylar's fragrances have the strength of Eau d Parfum, but we are commonly referred to as Eau de Toilette. Our fragrances range from 15% to 20% fragrance concentration or 5% to 15%. Cologne is typical for men and probably 2% up to 5% fragrance concentration so that it is smaller / more subtle than normal. There is an overlap between these categories and from a consumer perspective people don’t think so technically. Often we see eau de parfum and eau de toilette for consumer fragrances. "

While you can get as adventurous as you want, you probably won't be disappointed if you stick to what you want. "I like to focus on my favorite note (s) as a starting point for exploring. If a fragrance contains three or more notes that I like, I know it will be a winner!" says Associate Beauty Editor Courtney Higgs.

If you have not yet taken the plunge and want to commit to a scent, you can see if the retailer has samples that you can order. "More and more websites offer the possibility to order samples," says Krigler. "We started at Krigler in 2010, and it has continued and expanded since then. This is the modern way of continuing the mail order business from the beginning of the 20th century." Chen adds that Skylar also offers a sample package for first-time users, which is helpful because sometimes the product description is not enough.

Overall, it's up to your personal preferences when you're looking for a fragrance. However, it is important to note that your body's chemistry can also be an important factor. "The scents develop with your chemistry, your pH value," explains Krigler. "It is not possible to plan how the fragrance will develop on your body. This can be surprising for one person and different for another."

Are you ready to add perfumes to your cart? Not to mention shopping in our experts' online shops: Artisan Parfums, Skylar and Krigler. Below are some of our favorite editors who offer an extensive range of fragrance brands to help you find your perfect fragrance.

The Beauty Emporium is really a one-stop shop. "Sephora has it all, including some emerging indie and clean fragrance brands that you might not expect there," says Higgs. You can shop by fragrance family, and ti also has many mini-size deals.

Like the rest of its range, Violet Gray's fragrance selection is full of insider favorites. "Violet Gray has a great selection, and you can rest assured that everything on offer is super curated and extra bougie," says Higgs. You can also buy room fragrances on the website.

It's no surprise that Who What Wear favorite Nordstrom also has a great selection of scents. There are so many designer brands in the range as well as offers for rollerball and travel sizes if you want to test a new fragrance first.

Net-a-Porter has an extensive beauty range with high-quality and popular fragrance brands such as Vilhelm Parfumerie, D.S. & Durga, Le Labo and Kilian. It's easy to shop by fragrance family and designer to narrow your search.

Ulta has all your designer and classic fragrance brands as well as celebrity perfumes by Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Lopez. You can filter by fragrance family, preferences (without cruelty, no parabens, etc.) and brand, or simply scroll through the pages and pages of the perfumes to really explore them.

If you are looking for clean or natural fragrances, go to Credo. The retailer has a curated selection of fragrances from brands like Heretic, DedCool and Ellis Brooklyn. You can also filter for concerns like dry or sensitive skin.

Verishop is becoming one of our favorite places to buy beauty. The retailer has a good mix of well-known industry favorites and smaller emerging brands. The selection of fragrances does not disappoint. It's not as extensive as some of the other retailers on this list, but it's curated with interesting brands and fragrances.

Chen says she discovered some new fragrance brands through anthropology. It's also a pretty affordable place to buy perfumes, with its cheapest offer at $ 10 and its most expensive at $ 125.

Next up are the Byredo fragrances I rated that are worth the money.


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