Our Favourite Merchandise: July 2020 Version

bare hands

Welcome to our favorite products, a monthly feature where ITG editors discuss our favorite products. They are the best things we tried, reviewed, photographed, and anthropomorphized all month long before we had a chance to get fed up and do something new. This month we are solution-oriented. Have a problem? We'll help you fix the problem in as few steps as possible – from dry skin to stinking pits to sore muscles. Because sometimes the most exciting products are the ones that make you think: "Oh, finally."

"For me, there is nothing more chic than a shiny, polished nail. It is like a make-up without make-up for your hands: It means that I have put time into my appearance, but I do not try to hide anything. And natural nail color (this light pink, beige neutral) is so pretty that there is a whole industry of nail polishes to mimic, so the problem is not in appearance, but in the means to achieve it. Nail polishing tools are just not fancy One of two options is a four-sided foam buffer that you have to throw away after about 20 buffs (nail salons throw it away after each use.) The other is a chamois buffer that looks like something from the 19th century and doesn't work without it a special cream, but the age of the lacquered set, which monopolizes smooth, modern nail care tools, is over due to the bare hands, and their dry shine – does the name not even sound luxurious? Ines kit, moon-shaped glass file that does all the work of a polishing block in one step. Founder Suzanne Shade discovered the technology in Korea, where tiny dots of specialty ink replaced on glass of sandpaper grain to make nails shine. She modified the file shape to approach the cuticle, combined it with a nourishing oil and the dry shine was born. Unlike traditional buffers, one of these glass files can last up to a year with regular use, and you'd better believe I will use them regularly. "
– Ali Oshinsky

"The days I wash my hair are deliberate. It must be a late weekend morning when I have some energy to carry myself through. Only then can I whip out my curated armory from slippery conditioners and flexible paddles. Brushes for the time-consuming task of detangling, I have found fun ways to kill time during the wash day, and have recently been experimenting with different detanglers on different parts of my hair (because different curl patterns and hair porosities are real) and new shampoos carry me through. One of the most bizarre shampoos I've come across is Milky Hair Wash by Bread Beauty, whose pillow-like texture foams slightly but saturates the surface of my scalp. My hair isn't cleaned so that it feels damp. Ridden, but it doesn't feel too heavy as if there is any product left. It's not really a shampoo , not a common wash, but a kind of milky micelle water for your hair. And the saccharine smell of everything! Fragrance is somewhere between a Jolly Rancher and the cotton candy, and when I say cotton candy, I channel this refreshing spray that I stole from my older sister and flooded for years. At the end of the day, it is a hair wash that puts a smile on my face. "
– Give Mbagwu

"Oh, big surprise here, eh? Glossy girl who recommends the glossy product. Well, there is a good story that I hope will be worth it … For about a year now, I've been using an exfoliating serum every night I was touted the most important thing to have been touching my face since prescription retinol, but a story as old as Top Shelf: the outbreaks came back. With all my might. Accusing Quarantine, Accusing Product Tests, whatever You want the stuff was not I was on a mission to find out why, my working hypothesis is that the alcohol in this once wonderful serum started to dry out my skin and sent me in that direction towards So-Dry-You-go-around -the-bend-to-oily-again. Solution pretty much grabs the peeling punch with AHAs, BHAs and PHAs (gear is all here!) and counts it: zero alcohol. And the attempt was worth it. Texture and breakouts and blackheads be It softens and my skin feels more balanced throughout the day (considerations of the moisturizer I use – and I like to get hard when I can). Ali has been telling me to throw away the alcohol for a while. Ali, if you read this you are welcome to & # 39; I told you & # 39; scream into space. "
– Emily Ferber

neccessaire serum
"For two weeks with more than 90 degrees I hardly want to put on clothes, let alone a thick, sticky lotion. But a girl has to moisturize, so a body serum. This nécessaire takes the body serum cake. It is light and almost downright fluffy, and it spreads easily and does not stick. It is also fragrance-free, which would also help me with my little problem with backyard mosquitoes. But the ingredients! That is what I really love about this guy. You read like a facial serum – there is nor niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, they all play together to make my skin look like vacation skin … you know the look, plump as if it had been in a certain level of humidity, and firm and shiny as if I were just after a short bath walked in the sea. The best thing is, it feels like nothing that I honestly do the most these days – barely there and bare skin, kiss of the chef. "
– Ashley Weatherford

kosas deo
"About a year ago, after finding out that my favorite skin care acid worked better than anything else I tried to control body odor, I had the idea that toner in a rollerball bottle would be an excellent deodorant Of course I didn't tell anyone about it, and although I could be bitter, I didn't respond to the idea myself, I'm just glad that someone did – because now I have this product, Kosa's new Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant The list of ingredients reads like an expensive skin cream: aloe, peptides and hyaluronic acid keep the armpits smooth and soothed, and the amount of AHAs, including almond, lactic and shikimic acid (a powerful skin lightener to work on armpit shadows), let me do that Smell good all day The water-weight formula in this oh so easy-to-use rollerball means that the entire application is straightforward Wiping the fragrance-free version in the morning, I smell a completely neutral sweating panic attack after training, a long walk outdoors and stress. (It happens.) I was night! It is the deodorant of my dreams. "
– AU

"Well, that's a little woo-woo to me, but you asked what I love this month. Here it is: According to my mother, who heard it from her Pilates teacher, lemongrass essential oil (everything you find it will) is a nasty good remedy for muscle cramps and pain. I don't know why. I didn't googled it. Like every good kid, I complained to my mother that my shoulders were sore from driving 12 hours was to visit her and she told me that this would fix the problem. I cannot confirm or deny whether she was right. What I can say is that the lemongrass oil appeared after I was using more lidocaine icy- Hots patched when I can proudly admit (to no avail) I don't understand it, but I love it. The only downside is that you smell like lemon peel until your next shower. There are worse things in the world. "
– EF

"I recently moved into a new apartment! (Yes, it's exciting! Thank you.) It's only a little over a mile from my previous place, but that didn't stop me from owning everything I own to stuff a few boxes to protect my goodies for the 7 minute truck ride. At this point I am done moving, but the beauty products that I use every day are not. They remain unpacked and inaccessible until I do I have time to sort through everything – but right now I'm using the products that were in the boxes that I opened first, a game of beauty roulette for the sake of laziness. COSRX's Snail Mucin Essence greeted my skin like a long time ago lost friend A heavy dose of moisture that prevents my skin from feeling tight all day long, no additional moisturizing products are required, nor does it pill under my moisture reme or my mild sunscreen. I had a great time thinking about it These goopy essences are the best shortcut for permanent hydration and instantly moisturized skin. "
– UH

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