Kaia Gerber Vogue Japan September 2020

Vogue Japan September 2020: Kaia Gerber from Luigi & Iango

It is hard to believe that the important September editions are already falling and Vogue Japan, as always, comes first. And it looks like Kaia Gerber's obsession with the industry is still strong. In the past two years, Kaia has appeared for the third time in Vogue Paris, made her debut in British Vogue and has cover versions of Vogue Italia and American Vogue in her luggage. Now Kaia is back in Vogue, Japan, posing in a lace top and latex pants from Saint Laurent's Fall 2020 range, selected by Anna Dello Russo. The model looks striking in the sultry cover of Luigi & Iango.


The styling and concept sparked a heated debate on our forums. "I'm sorry, but Kaia doesn't fit the" femme fatale "vibe …" criticized burbuja8910.

"To be honest, I find that rather worrying. She just looks too young not to feel scary, ”added tipi1355.

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"It's not a bad cover, but it's not September-worthy. I think we have to get used to seeing this sexy version of Kaia now that she's 18," said Summer Day.

“I love the styling, the hair, the make-up and the sexuality. Kaia looks fabulous! As always, I'm thrilled to see Luigi & Iango turn the cover because they do it best for Vogue Japan. And you can be sure that the magazine will stay true to its vision! No gimmicks, no bulls * it – just fashion! “Aracic pointed out.

GivenchyAddict was in the same mood: "Saint Laurent, Kaia, Luigi and Iango, Anna Dello Russo – I'm there."

Are you a fan Check out Kaia's cover feature and share your thoughts here.


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