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I fell in love with SIORIS a year ago. Back then, this brand saved my incredibly weak and sensitive skin.
and has since earned a very special place on my skin care shelf.

One year later, I took the opportunity to try out the new cleaning oil and take a look at other amazing products this brand has to offer. To create a routine that I can work with for a month, I decided to try the cleansing oil along with two other products that have been on my saved list for some time.

Now that my skin is stronger and healthier
I would also like to improve other problems that I have this summer: one increasingly
tired and dull complexion, hyperpigmentation and a sebum surge in summer

What is it? Light and non-greasy cleaning oil, which is only mixed with vegetable oils to gently melt away makeup and impurities.

In detail:

I initially expected this cleaner to feel like other oil cleaners, but it turned out to be pleasantly different! SIORIS made Fresh Moment Cleansing Oil really fat-free with a water-thin viscosity.

It glides very nicely on the skin and seems to remove my make-up much faster than other cleansers. Even against my super smudge-proof and waterproof eyeliner, I didn't have to rub much – the slightest touch melted away all the make-up residue! My skin had a moist and radiant finish instead of an oily sheen.

What is it? Slightly acidic toner with vitamin-rich Jeju citrus and willow bark extracts as well as witch hazel water for a gentle peeling and a balance of the water oil level.

In detail:

This toner has a soothing sea green color with a natural, mild fragrance that smells like a soft blend of its main ingredients, especially hyaluronic acid. The main component of the toner is Natsumikan peeling, a hybrid Japanese citrus fruit.

It is also mixed with Watson grapefruit water from Jeju, which gives the toner its moisturizing and skin-refreshing properties. 5% of the organic witch hazel water promotes sebum balance, while natural BHA and black willow bark extract help to exfoliate gently dead skin.

It leaves an instantly moist finish that is not sticky at all and feels light like cold water on the skin, which is particularly refreshing after a hot shower. The summer climate has increased the number of blackheads around my nose, and after about a month with this toner I saw slight improvements and fewer blackheads. Even after a weekly clay mask, the toner works well on my skin.

What is it? A nourishing serum enriched with 66.8% plum water and other superfood ingredients to increase moisture and radiance while improving the signs of aging.

In detail:

The serum was formulated with seasonal plum water instead of normal water and contains hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights for a deeply moisturizing effect. The other ingredients are just as impressive: broccoli extract for revitalizing and strengthening the skin, oat seed extract for care, grape seed oil for moisture retention and vitamins and niacinamide for lightening pigmentation and restoring skin elasticity.

SIORIS recommends this for dry, irritated, sensitive skin. In my previous experience, I had no problems. I would avoid applying to open wounds or rashes as the serum can leave a slight tingling sensation. For me, firm pressure usually releases enough product to use all over my face, and I like how the applicator works by pushing instead of pushing. The creamy, translucent white serum has a consistency between liquid and viscous and is characterized by a mild, bitter citrus scent. I use it both in the morning and in the evening and my skin always feels hydrated and soft.

The judgment

I've been living on cold-pressed coconut oil as my multi-purpose cleaner for about a year, and I wasn't really going to replace it with a regular oil cleaner. I have to say that Fresh moment cleaning oil did not disappoint and is sure to be a goalkeeper! Removing my makeup is less of a hassle than a luxurious skin care step. The non-greasy surface really convinced me. My only complaint? I wish it was bigger since I already have half my bottle!

After use Feel so fresh toner
Every day I realized that it might not be as moisturizing as the Dear, Klairs that I tried before. At the moment I am
Depending on your mood and skin quality, you can switch between three toners. This
Toner just feels so soothing and refreshing on the skin and I like to keep using it
it! I think it is definitely suitable as an everyday toner for all skin types.
However, if you are looking for additional features like anti-aging, this product is for you
is probably a bit too easy.

Bring The Light Serum is just a pleasure to use and makes my skin happily hydrated and soft! In fact, the serum is so moisturizing that I – and I pray that my colleagues from YesStylists don't scold me about it – have been without moisturizers for some time! Even for my dry and sensitive skin, this serum provides enough moisture and dries quickly to a soft finish. I may not be able to use moisturizers for the time being, but I'm not sure if the serum provides enough moisture for the winter. My only caveat with this serum is that I haven't seen any dramatic improvements in my scars and pigmentation yet, but they have undoubtedly brightened up a bit and you need to use serums longer to get significant results.

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