12 Greatest Gold Eyeliners Out there in India

The best gold eyeliner in India

What woman doesn't want a bit of glitz and glamor in her life and for a makeup-loving diva, it's best to wear gold eye makeup in the form of eyeshadows and eyeliner. Even a little bit of gold eyeliner in the corner of your eyes increases your glamor quotient by a few steps. The golden eyeliner is no longer reserved for festive occasions. With the golden eyeliner you can make a statement. In this post we have listed the 16 best gold eyeliner available in India.

1. Colorbar I Glide eye pencil in Golden Glam:
Price: INR 550
This is a pencil eyeliner that glides like a liquid eyeliner. It is a true golden hue that highlights the eyes with a single stroke.

2. Lakme Insta Eyeliner in Golden:

Price – INR 120
This eyeliner is available in four different colors – green, blue, black and golden. It is an affordable liquid liner that is also readily available. You can read Lakme Blue and Green Insta Liner reviews here.

3. LA Girl Gold Mine Gel Glide Eyeliner Pencil:

Price: INR 450
This golden eyeliner has a non chunky shimmer with a waterproof texture. It's a pretty shade that's perfect for dramatic eye makeup looks.

4. MAC Liquidlast Liner in Naked Bond:

Price: INR 2300
This liquid eyeliner from MAC claims to have a non-smeared precision line without flakes.

5. Sephora Collection ladies fingertip liner in gold:

Price: INR 890
It gives an intense color with a matte texture and a long-lasting finish.

6. Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner Shimmering Bronze:

Price: INR 450
A beautifully shiny bronze tone with shimmer that neither smudges nor transfers. It composes into a shiny, shiny finish. Although this is a bronze hue, those who love bling can consider it "gold". In this area there is another shade called "Liquid Gold", which is a little more lively.

7. NYX Professional Makeup Love of Love Disco Metallic Liquid Liner:

Price: INR 800
This is a limited edition golden eyeliner with a metallic finish and golden shimmer particles. In addition, this eyeliner claims to be vegan and cruelty-free.

8. To face Glitter Pop Eyeliner in Hey Mr. DJ:

Price: INR 1700

This eyeliner has a cheeky name and is a peelable gold eyeliner that claims to stay in place until you pull it off.

9. Innisfree Twinkle Glitter in rose gold:

Price: INR 650

Do you love the shade of rose gold? This rose gold eyeliner shimmers and is delivered with a narrow brush, with which thin lines can be drawn precisely.

10.Rimmel Wonder & # 39; swipe 2-in-1 Liner To Shadow in Instafamous:

Price: INR 899
You get a 2-in-1 product in pencil form that claims to turn from metallic to ultra-sparkling with a swipe of your finger.

11. Revolution Pro Supreme Pigment Gel Eyeliner:

Price: INR 450
A richly pigmented gold eyeliner pencil in gel texture. It is also cruelty free and vegan.

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12. Coloressence Shimmer Gel Eyeliner in Gold:

Price: INR 450
It's a gold-colored eyeliner, but not a shining gold. The shimmer is fairly large, but doesn't look chunky. It is a clear liquid eyeliner with big golden glitter

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