Miriam Sanchez Vogue Spain August 2020

Vogue España August 2020: Miriam Sánchez by Miguel Reveriego

Vogue Spain started in 2020 with adorable covers by Hailey Bieber and Ana de Armas at a high level. The magazine was also praised for its symbolic pandemic cover, illustrated by Ignasi Monreal. But the Spanish fashion bible has disappointed us in the past few months with some questionable covers by Laura Dern and Naomi Campbell. Another symbolic cover with Miriam Sanchez is approaching us for August 2020. The model photographed by Miguel Reveriego poses on the empty streets of Madrid and is adorned with a creation by Christian Dior by Juan Cebrian.


What was the cover like for our forum members? "When I look at this cover, the first thing I see is the building and then I notice that there is a girl sitting in the picture below. It's good that she is wearing red, otherwise she would completely disappear from this cover!" Pointed out aracic.

“Looks like a cutout mood board. Yikes, ”MON proclaimed.

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Nymphaea shared the same overwhelming feeling about the cover: “Both the building and the red dress are beautiful, but in this picture they are not connected at all. The basics are there, but the result is disappointing. "

"I can only appreciate that it holds a moment in time, a moment that we all know too well – the silence and silence of once busy streets. Apart from that, the cover offers nothing else," said vogue28.

"It had what it takes to be a good cover – all dressed up with nowhere, standing alone on the street like the last living woman – but it looked like nothing other than the artificially saturated colors and art direction that Miriam models outside by a stone building, ”commented Tigerrouge.

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