Nude Nail Polish to Complement Each Pores and skin Tone

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

Naked nail polish is said to complement your complexion. But finding the perfect act for your skin tone can be a daunting task. It may be necessary to try on a crazy number of colors before you find the right one. Rebecca Isa, creative director of Zoya, says the key is "first determine the intensity of your complexion – whether you are light, medium or dark. Then determine whether you have warm or cool undertones." Look at that Bottom of your wrist and if your veins are blue you are cool and if your veins are green you are warm.

Prominent manicurist Deborah Lippmann suggests taking a look at your unpolished nail bed to guide you. “Usually nail beds are pink, white, or the same color as your skin. A bare varnish that matches your nail bed will most likely match your skin tone. “She also suggests looking at your cuticles. If the nude varnish is not suitable for your skin tone, your cuticles will actually look red or "dirty".

For women with a very light complexion, Lippmann recommends staying away from polishes that are too beige or too dark, as "their hands look pale and sick". Instead, look for colors with cool undertones with a hint of pink to even out redness in the skin and cuticles.

“Most nude tones are for women with medium skin tones, but they should try to stay away from tones that are too yellow or too pink. For this complexion, you ideally want to stay somewhere in between. "

Those with more yellow undertones should choose an act that is a little bolder to lighten their complexion. A varnish with a little more pink gives the skin a natural shine. Avoid shades with yellow undertones. Olive complexion should have a deep beige or a very light neutral caramel color.

Warmer, honey-colored women like Beyoncé seep away in coffee tones with orange and yellow undertones. "Avoid ash-gray shades, as they can make the skin washed out or dull," advises Lippmann. While those with a cinnamon brown complexion look great in milky brown tones that brighten the nail and give a slight contrast. According to Isa, mahogany brown women look divine in deep brown with a little red, and onyx-colored girls are characterized by dark chocolate tones with a little purple.

And remember, nude polishing doesn't mean boring anymore. It doesn't have to be the boring, opaque end of past seasons. “This look gave your hands a plastic mannequin dimension. The new way of carrying nude photos is a wet finish, ”says Isa. "Start with a layer of an opaque file as the base, and then layer a transparent file over it to give the color a nice, soft sheen, as if it were reflecting sunlight." This prevents the paint from looking too heavy and saturated.

No matter what color you have, there is an act for you. Click through our gallery to find the right one.


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