Prime 7 Distinctive Methods to Fashion your Fundamental White T-shirt

Top 7 Unique Ways to Style your Basic White T-shirt

This article is about the most underrated cloth in your wardrobe – the simple white t-shirt. Be it a V-neck or a round neckline, a baggy crop neckline or a tight sexy neckline, every girl will definitely have at least one or the other plain white T-shirt. But not everyone knows about its versatile application options. It can be turned into Insta-worthy clothing and styled in a million ways so that you look no less than a diva.

There are days when you just don't know what to wear. And only in such situations can you combine a white T-shirt with almost anything and get a classy look. If you're one of those who don't own a white t-shirt, you can also use some incredible fashion vouchers and put one in your closet.

7 unique ways to style your simple white t-shirt

1For a crisp college look

Have a college sports day? Or just a normal day? You can always choose your white t-shirt and combine it with blue denim. Wearing a white top with blue denim is evergreen and always stylish. To make this look rougher, you can leave your hair open and tie up half a bun. Keeping the look simple with black or white sneakers gives you more comfort all day long.

2ndFor a refreshing office look

Office look

There are days when you don't just feel like wearing skinny skinny jeans. You can combine your simple white t-shirt with a black or gray high-waisted skirt and pencil. This look will definitely turn your colleagues' heads around as soon as you enter the office. Simply tie a high ponytail and wear a pair of black pumps under the skirt for a stunning look.

3rdFor a romantic date with your friend

You always think about how to impress your partner by doing everything for them. You can do this by wearing a colorful peplum skirt with your sleek white t-shirt. Just apply a little makeup and wear cute little earrings to get a hot look. If you wear a high-heeled sandal like stilettos under these clothes, you will look no less than a starlet.

4thFor a glittering party

Saturday night is just around the corner and you want to look your best. This can be possible with the help of your white t-shirt. Combine your skin-tight white t-shirt with a shimmering mini skirt and voila – you'll be ready to rock the club with your dazzling look. Don't forget to wear adorable makeup and red lipstick to complement your clothes. Leave your hair loose and use heels with ankle straps for a bold yet beautiful look.

5For a lazy evening

Outgoing people should be lazy and cozy. While having a gala time with your friends, getting a picture ready for Snapchat is a must. On such days, you can simply jump into a palazzo and put your plain white t-shirt inside. This combination will never grow old. Note that if you wear a palazzo with a simple top, you will always leave your hair messy.

6For a charming airport look

Airport view

Traveling is the best therapy. So why not just look glamorous while taking flights to meet your friends or family? Put your white t-shirt in black jeans and wear your favorite black leather jacket over it. Sounds cool! Is not it? It looks cooler when you actually implement it. Also, remember to put on great goggles and athletic shoes to get a deadly look.

7For a glittering wedding look

Weddings are about preparing to click on some wonderful pictures with your thick and thin pictures. If you want to try something unique and gorgeous, this is the best time to get the most out of your sleek, white top. You can easily wear an Indo-Wester look by draping a saree onto a sleek white t-shirt that's tucked into close-fitting jeans. Wear a pair of heavy but beautiful earrings, an elegant neck piece that matches the color of your saree, a rose gold metal watch in one hand, and a matching bracelet in the other.

More ways to style your simple white t-shirt

As mentioned above, a white t-shirt can be styled endlessly. Be it every day, in any season, for any occasion or for any festival, a simple white top will always help you. Aside from the ways to style it listed above, below are some more ways you can combine your white t-shirt.

  • Throw a pair of shorts with the white top and a scarf around your neck.
  • Put it in leggings and wear a trench coat for a nifty look.
  • Wear a long skirt under the top and put a neck piece around your neck for a shaadi look.
  • Combine your white t-shirt with a blue denim jacket and blue boyfriend jeans and make everything out of jeans!
  • Pull dungarees over the white top for a chic look.

All of these looks are very easy to style and fashionable forever. From a relaxed look to an instant party look, a solid white top can be your favorite fashion partner. After flipping through the entire article and getting to know the innumerable uses of a simple white t-shirt, don't wait any longer and just try it out. Also get ready for your friends to praise your amazing looks at the sky.

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